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PDFWAC 246-72-110

Training program requirements.

(1) Training programs must include:
(a) A minimum of twenty total instruction hours in the following subjects:
(i) Five hours about Washington state laws and rules relating to marijuana;
(ii) Two hours about qualifying conditions and the common symptoms of each;
(iii) Two hours about the short- and long-term positive and negative effects of cannabinoids;
(iv) Five hours about products that may benefit qualifying patients based on the patient's condition, any potential contraindications and the risks and benefits of various routes of administration;
(v) Two hours about safe handling of marijuana products, including strategies to reduce access by minors;
(vi) Two hours about ethics and customer privacy and rights; and
(vii) Two hours about the risks and warning signs of overuse, abuse and addiction.
(b) An examination comprised of at least five questions for each hour of instruction must be given for each subject. The applicant must pass the examination for each subject with a minimum score of seventy percent. Questions must be randomly selected from a sufficient supply of questions to ensure the validity of the examination. The secretary reserves the right to approve or deny individual questions and answers.
(2) Training may be provided in-person or electronically. If the training is provided electronically, students must have real-time access to the instructor during at least half of the instruction hours for each subject.
(3) Instructors must have demonstrated knowledge and experience related to marijuana and to the subject matter, and hold:
(a) An active license to practice as a health care professional as defined in RCW 69.51A.010(5);
(b) An active license to practice law in the state of Washington;
(c) A bachelor's degree or higher from an accredited college or university in agriculture, botany, or horticulture; or
(d) A bachelor's degree or higher in nursing and an active license to practice as a registered nurse under chapter 18.79 RCW.
(4) An owner, agent, principal, or instructor of a training program shall not have a direct or indirect financial interest in a marijuana business licensed by the Washington state liquor and cannabis board under chapter 69.50 RCW.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 69.51A.230. WSR 18-07-030, § 246-72-110, filed 3/12/18, effective 4/12/18. Statutory Authority: RCW 69.51A.290. WSR 16-07-086, § 246-72-110, filed 3/17/16, effective 3/18/16.]
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