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PDFWAC 246-312-100

Compliance with the terms of the acquisition and the department's decision.

(1) At the time of the final decision, the department will notify the parties to the acquisition whether the nonprofit hospital, the acquiring party, or both, must submit periodic reports detailing how commitments made are being adhered to. The frequency of the reports will also be determined at that time, and will not be more frequent than semiannually but no less frequent than every three years.
(2) Any person, whether a party of the initial acquisition or not, may submit information concerning whether the acquiring person is fulfilling the terms of the acquisition and the department's approval or conditions. If the department determines there is reasonable cause to believe that the information indicates failure to comply, a public hearing will be held. The department must give at least ten days' written notice to the affected parties, including the local community affected.
(3) The cost of the public hearing and any on-site reviews related to determining the validity of the allegations will be borne by the acquiring parties.
(4) If the department finds that the parties to the acquisition have failed to adhere to their commitments or the conditions of the department's approval, the department may:
(a) Revoke or suspend the hospital license pursuant to RCW 70.41.130;
(b) Refer the matter to the attorney general for appropriate action; or
(c) Both.
(5) The attorney general may seek a court order compelling the acquiring person to fulfill its commitments under chapter 70.45 RCW.
(6) The attorney general has the authority to ensure compliance with commitments that inure to the public interest. No provision of chapter 70.45 RCW, derogates from the common law or statutory authority of the attorney general.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.45 RCW and RCW 70.44.007. WSR 98-14-056, ยง 246-312-100, filed 6/26/98, effective 7/27/98.]
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