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PDFWAC 222-30-090

Postharvest site preparation.

Unless the application or notification indicates that the landowner or forest landowner specifically agrees to assume responsibility for compliance with this section, the operator shall leave the site in a condition suitable for reforestation following any clear cutting, or any partial cutting west of the summit of the Cascades where 80 percent or more of the cubic volume is removed within any 5 consecutive years unless the department determines that the live trees remaining will reasonably utilize the timber growing capacity of the soils. Lands being converted to another use or classified as urban development lands under WAC 222-34-050 are exempt.
The following site preparation is required when necessary to establish a condition suitable for reforestation:
(1) Cutting, slashing, or other treatment of all noncommercial tree species, other competing vegetation, and nonmerchantable size trees commonly known as "whips" which will not reasonably utilize the growing capacity of the soil except in wetland management zones, riparian management zones; or
(2) Pile or windrow slash; or
(3) Mechanically scatter slash; or
(4) Leave the cutover area in a condition for controlled broadcast burning, and subsequently burn.
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