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PDFWAC 222-30-080

Landing cleanup.

Except as approved by the department, the following rules shall be met within 60 days after completion of hauling logs from any landing, or as soon thereafter as practical.
*(1) Drainage.
(a) Clean any ditches and culverts obstructed by dirt or debris during operation(s).
(b) Establish a slope that will prevent water from accumulating on the landing or running from the landing down any erodible fill.
*(2) Other erosion control measures.
(a) Cut slopes shall be cut back to an angle expected to remain stable.
(b) Where exposed soil is unstable or erodible and may be reasonably expected to cause damage to a public resource, it shall be seeded with grass, clover or ground cover or compacted, riprapped, water barred, benched or mulched, or be treated by other means approved by the department.
(3) Cleanup.
(a) Slash accumulations which would prevent reforestation of otherwise plantable fills, sidecast or cut slopes of landings shall be disposed of or be piled on the landing floor for future disposal.
(b) Slash shall not be buried in any filled portion of the landing in connection with landing cleanup operations.
(c) All cables, machine parts and other inorganic debris resulting from harvest operation(s) shall be removed at the time of landing cleanup.
[Order 263, ยง 222-30-080, filed 6/16/76.]
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