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PDFWAC 220-420-380

Disposition of carcasses of falconry raptors that die.

(1) The entire body of a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), including all feathers, talons, and other parts, must be sent to the National Eagle Repository.
(2) The body or feathers of any other species of raptor may be donated to any person or institution exempt or authorized by permit to acquire and possess such parts or feathers.
(3) The body of any raptor, except that of a golden eagle (Aquila chrysaetos), may be kept so that the feathers are available for imping, or that the body may be mounted by a taxidermist. The mount may be displayed in giving education programs. If the raptor was banded, the band must be left on the leg. If the raptor has an implanted microchip, the microchip must be left in place.
(4) If the raptor body or feathers are not donated or kept with the falconer, it must be burned, buried, or otherwise destroyed within ten days of the death of the raptor or after final necropsy by a veterinarian. Carcasses of euthanized raptors could pose a risk of secondary poisoning to scavenging wildlife. A falconer must take appropriate precautions to avoid such poisonings.
(5) If the raptor body and its parts are retained by the falconer, the body and its parts may be possessed for as long as the falconer has a valid falconry permit. Raptor bodies including all parts, and other state and federally protected birds, shall not be bought, sold, bartered, or otherwise used for commercial purposes.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 77.04.012, 77.04.013, 77.04.020, 77.04.055, and 77.12.047. WSR 17-05-112 (Order 17-04), recodified as § 220-420-380, filed 2/15/17, effective 3/18/17. Statutory Authority: RCW 77.04.012, 77.04.020, 77.04.055, 77.12.047, 77.12.210, and C.F.R. Title 50, Part 21, Subpart C, Section 21.29; Migratory Bird Treaty Act. WSR 10-18-012 (Order 10-214), § 232-30-580, filed 8/20/10, effective 9/20/10.]
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