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PDFWAC 212-51-045


(1) It shall be the responsibility of all owners of above-ground used oil tanks to post a prominent sign on or near the tank identifying the tank as a used oil recycling tank only, and stating that contaminants should not be mixed with used oil.
(2) Signs shall be commercially printed on the tank, or within two feet of it, and placed where spilled oil will not obscure message. "recycle used oil here" letters will be a minimum of one inch high by three-eighths inch wide in capital letters (96 pt). Remaining letters will be five-eighths inch high by one-quarter inch wide (60 pt.) with the letters "for used oil only" and "do not" in capital letters.
recycled used oil here
*Prevent water pollution
*Protect public health
*Re-use limited resources
for used oil only
do not mix with gasoline
antifreeze, engine degreasers, solvents,
cooking oil or any other contaminants
(3) The facility shall contain wording in accordance with the Uniform Fire Code visible from all sides stating "No Smoking or Open Flame."
(4) The establishment where a used oil collection tank is located shall prominently post a separate sign in a conspicuous place stating "recycled used oil accepted here." Letters to be a minimum of one and one-half inches high by one-half inches wide in capital letters (144 pt).
[Statutory Authority: RCW 19.114.040. WSR 87-06-044 (Order 87-05), ยง 212-51-045, filed 3/4/87.]