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PDFWAC 200-120-130

Standards for management and operation—Adoption of program.

The ownership agreement of a joint self-insurance program shall be adopted by resolution or ordinance by the governing body of each owner, unless the owner acquires an ownership interest in the joint self-insurance program by reason of its membership or ownership in another joint self-insurance program authorized by chapter 48.62 RCW or chapter 48.64 RCW without making a financial contribution. Any such resolution or ordinance shall include, but not be limited to, an acknowledgment that the entity shall be subject to contributions as required by the joint self-insurance program. Copies of each such resolution or ordinance shall be retained by the joint self-insurance program and available for inspection by the state risk manager. The ownership agreement, along with a list of the owners of the joint self-insurance program, shall be published on the public web site of each joint self-insurance program.
[Statutory Authority: 2011 c 43. WSR 11-23-093, recodified as § 200-120-130, filed 11/17/11, effective 11/17/11. Statutory Authority: Chapter 48.64 RCW, RCW 48.64.015, and 42.64.020. WSR 11-06-001, § 82-70-130, filed 2/16/11, effective 3/19/11.]
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