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PDFWAC 182-553-400

Home infusion therapy and parenteral nutrition programProvider requirements.

(1) Eligible providers of home infusion supplies and equipment and parenteral nutrition solutions must:
(a) Have a signed core provider agreement with the medicaid agency; and
(b) Be one of the following provider types:
(i) Pharmacy provider;
(ii) Durable medical equipment (DME) provider; or
(iii) Infusion therapy provider.
(2) The agency pays eligible providers for home infusion supplies and equipment and parenteral nutrition solutions only when the providers:
(a) Are able to provide home infusion therapy within their scope of practice;
(b) Have evaluated each client in collaboration with the client's physician, pharmacist, or nurse to determine whether home infusion therapy and parenteral nutrition is an appropriate course of action;
(c) Have determined that the therapies prescribed and the client's needs for care can be safely met;
(d) Have assessed the client and obtained a written physician order for all solutions and medications administered to the client in the client's residence or in a dialysis center through intravenous, epidural, subcutaneous, or intrathecal routes;
(e) Meet the requirements in WAC 182-502-0020, including keeping legible, accurate, and complete client charts, and providing the following documentation in the client's medical file:
(i) For a client receiving infusion therapy, the file must contain:
(A) A copy of the written prescription for the therapy;
(B) The client's age, height, and weight; and
(C) The medical necessity for the specific home infusion service.
(ii) For a client receiving parenteral nutrition, the file must contain:
(A) All the information listed in (e)(i) of this subsection;
(B) Oral or enteral feeding trials and outcomes, if applicable;
(C) Duration of gastrointestinal impairment; and
(D) The monitoring and reviewing of the client's lab values:
(I) At the initiation of therapy;
(II) At least once per month; and
(III) When the client, the client's lab results, or both, are unstable.
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