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PDFWAC 182-531-1730


(1) Telemedicine is when a health care practitioner uses HIPAA-compliant, interactive, real-time audio and video telecommunications (including web-based applications) or store and forward technology to deliver covered services that are within his or her scope of practice to a client at a site other than the site where the provider is located. If the service is provided through store and forward technology, there must be an associated office visit between the client and the referring health care provider.
(2) The medicaid agency does not cover the following services as telemedicine:
(a) Email, audio only telephone, and facsimile transmissions;
(b) Installation or maintenance of any telecommunication devices or systems; and
(c) Purchase, rental, or repair of telemedicine equipment.
(3) Originating site. An originating site is the physical location of the client at the time the health care service is provided. Approved originating sites are:
(a) Clinics;
(b) Community mental health/chemical dependency settings;
(c) Dental offices;
(d) Federally qualified health centers;
(e) Home or any location determined appropriate by the individual receiving the service;
(f) Hospitals - Inpatient and outpatient;
(g) Neurodevelopmental centers;
(h) Physician or other health professional's office;
(i) Renal dialysis centers, except an independent renal dialysis center;
(j) Rural health clinics;
(k) Schools; and
(l) Skilled nursing facilities.
(4) Distant site. A distant site is the physical location of the health care professional providing the health care service.
(5) The agency pays an additional facility fee per completed transmission to either the originating site or the distant site, as specified in the agency's program-specific billing instructions.
(6) If a health care professional performs a separately identifiable service for the client on the same day as the telemedicine service, documentation for both services must be clearly and separately identified in the client's medical record.
(7) Billing procedures for telemedicine can be found in the agency's program-specific billing instructions.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021 and 41.05.160, and 41.05.700. WSR 19-11-122, § 182-531-1730, filed 5/22/19, effective 6/22/19. Statutory Authority: RCW 41.05.021, 41.05.160. WSR 15-20-063, § 182-531-1730, filed 10/1/15, effective 11/1/15.]
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