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PDFWAC 181-82A-204

Endorsement requirements.

(1) Candidates completing endorsements required to obtain a residency certificate, shall complete college/university teacher preparation programs approved by the professional educator standards board pursuant to chapter 181-78A WAC, which include methodology (see WAC 181-78A-264(5)) and field experience/internship (see WAC 181-78A-264(6)) and pursuant to endorsement program approval requirements in this chapter.
(2) In order to add an additional endorsement, the candidate shall:
(a) Have completed a state-approved endorsement program which includes methodology (see WAC 181-78A-264(5)) and addresses all endorsement-specific competencies adopted and published by the professional educator standards board. The requirement for field experience shall be at the discretion of the college/university. Provided, that in cases where programs require a field experience/internship, the colleges/universities should make every attempt to allow the individual to complete field-based requirements for the endorsement within the confines of the individual's teaching schedule; or
(b) Achieve National Board certification in a Washington teaching endorsement area and hold a valid National Board certificate; or
(c) Pass the subject knowledge test approved by the professional educator standards board for the certificate endorsement being sought per the list of test only endorsements adopted and published by the professional educator standards board.
(3) Candidates from out-of-state shall be required to present verification that they completed a state-approved program (equivalent to a major) in a Washington endorsement area.
(4) Course work used to meet endorsement requirements must be completed through an accredited college/university as defined in WAC 181-78A-010.
(5) Only course work in which an individual received a grade of C (2.0) or higher or a grade of pass on a pass-fail system of grading shall be counted toward the course work required for the approved endorsement program.
(6) Nothing within this chapter precludes a college or university from adopting additional requirements as conditions for recommendation, by such college or university, to the superintendent of public instruction for a particular subject area endorsement.
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