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PDFWAC 173-422-160

Fleet and diesel owner vehicle testing requirements.

The department may authorize emission inspections by fleet operators including government agencies and the owners of diesel motor vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 8500 pounds or by an automotive service or testing facility engaged by the vehicle owner for such activity. Authorizations to conduct emission tests and issue certificates of compliance under this section are limited to authorized fleet vehicles or diesel vehicles with a gross vehicle weight rating in excess of 8500 pounds.
(1) All persons engaged in testing of gasoline fleet or diesel vehicles must comply with all applicable provisions of this chapter except as approved by the department.
(2) All persons conducting tests for the purpose of issuing certificates for fleet or diesel vehicles shall be ecology authorized emission specialists.
(3) Legibly completed forms will constitute certificates of compliance for licensing purposes. Any person conducting testing under this section shall forward to the department within ten working days after the end of each month, a copy of each certificate of compliance issued during that month. Copies of each certificate of compliance shall be retained by the person issuing the certificate for at least two years from date of issuance. Alternative arrangements for providing and or storing this information using automated data storage devices may be approved or required by the department.
Forms must be purchased from the department in advance of issuance through payment of fifteen or less dollars to the department for each certificate requested. Refunds or credit may be given for unused certificates returned to the department.
Payment for fleet forms is waived for state and local government fleets.
Test forms provided under this section are official documents. Persons receiving the forms from the department are accountable for each form provided.
Voided forms must be handled the same as certificates of compliance. One copy shall be sent to the department within ten days after the end of the month in which the form was voided and one copy shall be retained by the person accountable for the forms for at least two years after date of voiding. Refunds will not be made for voided forms.
(4) All persons authorized to conduct fleet or government vehicle inspections under this section shall be subject to performance audits and compliance inspections by the department, during normal business hours.
(5) Fleet vehicles may be inspected any time between their scheduled license renewals.
(6) Certificates of acceptance may not be issued under this section.
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