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PDFWAC 173-422-030

Vehicle emission inspection requirement.

All motor vehicles, not specifically exempted by WAC 173-422-170, which are registered or reregistered within the boundaries of an emission contributing area, as specified in WAC 173-422-050, are subject to the vehicle emission inspection requirements of this chapter. In addition, the department may require an emission inspection of a motor vehicle, except military tactical vehicles, operated for more than sixty days a year on a federal installation located within an emission contributing area, or a vehicle garaged at a location within an emission contributing area, or a vehicle which has previously passed an emission inspection but has been identified using on road testing as likely to no longer comply with the inspection standards. Neither the department of licensing, county auditors nor subagents appointed under RCW 46.01.140 may change the registered owner or may issue or renew a motor vehicle license for any vehicle registered in an emission contributing area, as that area is established under RCW 70.120.150, unless the application for issuance or renewal is: (1) Accompanied by a valid certificate of compliance issued pursuant to RCW 70.120.080 or 70.120.170 or a valid certificate of acceptance issued pursuant to RCW 70.120.070; or (2) exempted from this requirement pursuant to RCW 46.16.015(2). Certificates must have a date of validation which is within twelve months of the assigned license renewal date.
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