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Chapter 173-40 WAC

Last Update: 12/31/72


WAC Sections

HTMLPDF173-40-040Critical materials registry.
HTMLPDF173-40-050Annual reports.



This regulation is adopted pursuant to chapter 90.52 RCW, the Pollution Disclosure Act of 1971, and chapter 43.21A RCW.
[Order 72-26, § 173-40-010, filed 11/27/72.]



Chapter 90.52 RCW requires the director of the department of ecology to adopt a critical materials registry and establish an annual reporting procedure for those operations which discharge wastes, other than sanitary sewage, into waters of the state and/or into the air of the state.
[Order 72-26, § 173-40-020, filed 11/27/72.]



As used herein "director" shall mean the director of the department of ecology. "Department" shall mean the department of ecology. Waters of the state shall include both surface and groundwaters.
[Order 72-26, § 173-40-030, filed 11/27/72.]


Critical materials registry.

The director, having consulted with a committee of environmental specialists as required by law, hereby designates the following materials as critical materials to be set forth in a critical materials registry filed at the department:
Arsenic, elemental and compounds of
Barium, soluble salts of
Beryllium, elemental and compounds of
Boron, elemental and compounds of
Cadmium, elemental and compounds of
Chlorinated hydrocarbons, compounds
Chlorine, elemental and compounds of
Chromium, soluble salts and all chromates
Copper, elemental and compounds of
Cyanides, compounds including the organic nitriles
Fluorine, elemental and compounds of
Lead, elemental and compounds of
Mercury, elemental and compounds of
Nickel, soluble salts of
Organo phosphorus; insecticide, algaecide, and slimecide compounds
Phenols and polychorinated biphenyls, compounds
Selenium, elemental and compounds of
Silver, soluble salts of
Zinc, soluble salts of
[Order 72-26, § 173-40-040, filed 11/27/72.]


Annual reports.

Upon notification by the director of the department of ecology, commercial operations including industrial operations which discharge wastes, other than sanitary sewage, into waters of the state and/or into the air of the state, shall file annually, during the month of January, reports, on forms provided by the department. The information required shall pertain to those materials set forth in WAC 173-40-040 above, which are in excess of the corresponding materials occurring in the intake source used by the operation. The information shall also include volumes of process and cooling water to be discharged into the water, air or into any sewer system. The information given is to be an estimate of the amount(s) of such materials to be discharged in the calendar year in which the report is being filed. The reports shall be postmarked no later than January 31 and be sent to:
Department of Ecology
Olympia, Washington 98504
attn: pollution disclosure
[Order 72-26, § 173-40-050, filed 11/27/72.]