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PDFWAC 173-328-070

Appeals and enforcement.

(1) The owner/operator of a facility who is assessed a fee under this chapter may appeal the fee to the department. The appeal must be received by the department within thirty days after the facility owner/operator's receipt of the bill. Any appeal shall state the name and address of the facility to which the fee was assessed, and shall state reasons for challenging the fee.
(2) After receipt of an appeal, the department shall consider the reasons stated in the appeal and either issue a revised bill or a statement upholding the original bill. The issuance of either document shall constitute the final decision of the department.
(3) The department shall not take any enforcement action for failure to pay the assessed fee until resolution of the appeal.
(4) The fee stated in the department's final decision shall be submitted by the facility owner/operator to the department within thirty days after receipt of the final decision.
(5) Any person who fails to pay fees as required by this chapter shall be subject to enforcement actions consistent with chapter 70.105 RCW. Such enforcement may include penalties in accordance with RCW 70.105.080, 70.105.090, and 70.105.095.
(6) Payment of enforcement penalties shall not be deemed as payment of fees. Payment of fees after the assessment of an enforcement penalty shall not be deemed as a cause for reducing or eliminating the penalty.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 70.105.280. WSR 93-09-065 (Order 91-24), ยง 173-328-070, filed 4/20/93, effective 5/21/93.]
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