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PDFWAC 173-307-040

Executive summary.

Upon completion of a plan, the owner, chief executive officer, or other person with the authority to commit management to the plan, such as a facility manager, shall sign and submit an executive summary of the plan to the department. This summary must be available from the department for public inspection upon request. The facility may choose to submit the complete plan to the department rather than prepare an executive summary. In that event, the complete plan must also be available for public inspection.
Executive summaries shall include the following information from the plan:
(1) A written policy expressing management and corporate support for the plan and a commitment to implement planned activities and achieve established goals;
(2) The plan scope and objectives;
(3) A description of the facility type and a summary of product made and/or services provided;
(4) A list of the type and amount of each hazardous waste and products containing hazardous substances as identified in WAC 173-307-030 (2)(a);
(5) A brief description of each process in the facility that generates hazardous waste or uses products containing hazardous substances as listed in subdivision (d);
(6) A description of current reduction, recycling, and treatment activities, and documentation of hazardous substance use reduction and hazardous waste reduction activities completed before the first reporting date specified in WAC 173-307-050;
(7) A summary of all further hazardous substance use reduction, hazardous waste reduction, recycling, and treatment opportunities identified. Opportunities must be identified first for hazardous substance use reduction and hazardous waste reduction, secondly for recycling, and lastly for treatment. A statement of the reason or reasons for rejecting any opportunity from further consideration and a summary of all identified impediments to implementing opportunities must be included;
(8) A description of the opportunities selected to be implemented, process or processes affected, and estimated reductions to be achieved;
(9) Specific performance goals, expressed in numeric terms for each of the categories listed below (assumptions on changing production or service activity levels during the period covered by the plan must be described):
(a) Hazardous substances to be reduced or eliminated from use;
(b) Hazardous wastes to be reduced or eliminated through waste reduction techniques;
(c) Materials or hazardous wastes to be recycled; and
(d) Hazardous wastes to be treated.
If the establishment of numeric performance goals is not practicable, the performance goals shall include a clearly stated list of objectives designed to lead to the establishment of numeric goals as soon as is practicable. Goals must be set for a five-year period from the first reporting date;
(10) The five-year implementation schedule identified in WAC 173-307-030 (2)(h), which shall display planned implementation activities for each of the five calendar years following completion of the plan;
(11) A summary of costs and benefits realized from implementing selected opportunities;
(12) For research labs, the executive summary may include, in lieu of all the detailed requirements of this section, a description of policies and procedures to be followed by laboratory personnel regarding the use of hazardous substances and the generation of hazardous waste through laboratory research. These policies and procedures must be consistent with the waste reduction priorities as defined in this chapter.
[Statutory Authority: Chapter 70.95C RCW. WSR 00-15-020 (Order 00-08), § 173-307-040, filed 7/11/00, effective 8/11/00; WSR 91-20-131 (Order 91-35), § 173-307-040, filed 10/1/91, effective 11/1/91; WSR 91-08-041 (Order 90-57), § 173-307-040, filed 4/1/91, effective 5/2/91.]
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