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PDFWAC 132X-60-045

Freedom of expression.

Fundamental to the democratic process are the rights of free speech and peaceful assembly. Students and other members of the college community shall always be free to express their views or support causes by orderly means which do not disrupt the regular and essential operations of the college.
Concomitantly, while supporting the rights of students and other members of the college community, the college recognizes the responsibility to maintain an atmosphere on campus conducive to a sound educational endeavor.
Persons expressing their opinion may not interfere with vehicular or pedestrian traffic or interfere with or disrupt the processes of the college.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13). WSR 00-05-023, ยง 132X-60-045, filed 2/8/00, effective 3/10/00.]
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