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PDFWAC 132H-121-020

Hazing rules.

Community College District VIII board of trustees has authorized the college to adopt rules to regulate hazing activities within college sponsored organizations, associations, or living groups.
(1) Hazing is prohibited. Hazing means any method of initiation into a student organization, association, or living group, or any pastime or amusement engaged in with respect to such an organization or living group that causes, or is likely to cause bodily danger or physical harm, or serious mental or emotional harm, to any student or other person attending any institution of higher education or post-secondary institution.
(1) Any organization, association, or living group that knowingly permits hazing shall:
(a) Be liable for harm caused to persons or property resulting from hazing, and
(b) Be denied recognition by Bellevue College as an official organization, association or student living group on the Bellevue College campus. If the organization, association or student living group is a corporation, whether for profit or nonprofit, the individual directors of the corporation may be held individually liable for damages.
(2) A person who participates in the hazing of another shall forfeit any entitlement to state-funded grants, scholarships or awards for not less than one academic quarter and up to and including permanent forfeiture, based upon the seriousness of the violation(s).
(3) The student code of Community College District VIII may be applicable to hazing violations, WAC 132H-126-100(12), 132H-126-010 through 132H-126-340.
(4) Hazing violations are also misdemeanors punishable under state criminal law according to RCW 28B.10.901.
sanctions for impermissible conduct not amounting to hazing
(1) Impermissible conduct associated with initiation into a student organization or living group or any pastime or amusement engaged in, with respect to the organization or living group, will not be tolerated.
(2) Impermissible conduct which does not amount to hazing may include conduct, not otherwise protected by law, which causes embarrassment, sleep deprivation or personal humiliation, or may include ridicule or unprotected speech amounting to verbal abuse.
(3) Impermissible conduct not amounting to hazing and not otherwise protected by law may be subject to sanctions available under WAC 132H-126-100(12), 132H-126-010 through 132H-126-340, the student code of Community College District VIII, depending upon the seriousness of the violation.
[Statutory Authority: RCW 28B.50.140(13) and chapter 34.05 RCW. WSR 21-08-008, § 132H-121-020, filed 3/25/21, effective 4/25/21. Statutory Authority: RCW 128B.50.140 [28B.50.140]. WSR 95-19-050, § 132H-121-020, filed 9/14/95, effective 10/15/95.]
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