Chapter 131-47 WAC

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WAC Sections

131-47-020Public policy goals of project even start.
131-47-025Project even start—Definition.
131-47-030Child development knowledge—Definition.
131-47-035Other eligible program components—Definition.
131-47-040Eligible grantee—Definition.
131-47-045Eligible parents—Definition.
131-47-050Basic skills—Definition.
131-47-055Standardized test—Definition.
131-47-065Child care—Definition.
131-47-070Directly necessary activities—Definition.
131-47-075Indirect expenditures—Definition.
131-47-080Assurance of nonsupplanting—Program standard.
131-47-085Assurance of cooperation with the department of social and health services regarding public assistance reports—Program standard.
131-47-090Assurance to submit annual evaluation report to the state board for community and technical colleges.
131-47-095Reporting requirements.
131-47-100Request for even start project grants to the state board for community and technical colleges.
131-47-105Assurance of cooperation with state auditor.
131-47-110Assurance of service to targeted groups.
131-47-125Even start advisory committee.
131-47-130Duties of even start advisory committee.
131-47-135Preference for existing programs before developing new programs.
131-47-140Coordination of programs.
131-47-145Evaluation criteria for project even start.
131-47-150Performance standards for project even start.
131-47-155Administrative expenditures.
131-47-160Liability insurance.
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