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PDFWAC 110-305-7725

Food containers and utensils.

(1) Cookware containers must not be used to cook or reheat food in a microwave oven, unless the container is labeled by the manufacturer as "for microwave use," "microwave safe," or similar labeling.
(2) The licensee may use disposable serving containers, dishes and utensils that are sturdy, used only once and thrown away after use.
(3) The licensee must keep sharp utensils and other utensils that may cause serious injury or a choking hazard inaccessible to children when the utensils are not in use.
[WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-305-7725, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.215 RCW. WSR 12-23-057, § 170-297-7725, filed 11/19/12, effective 12/20/12.]
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