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PDFWAC 110-305-2375

Parent/guardian policies (handbook).

The written parent/guardian policies (handbook) must include:
(1) Hours of operation including closures and vacations;
(2) Information on how children's records are kept current, including immunization records;
(3) Enrollment and disenrollment process;
(4) Access to children during child care hours;
(5) Program philosophy (the program's view of child learning and development);
(6) Typical daily schedule, including sample curriculum;
(7) The program's policy on use of media such as movies, television, computers and music, in child learning and development;
(8) Communication plan with parents/guardians including:
(a) How the parent or guardian may contact the child care program staff with questions or concerns;
(b) How the child care program staff will communicate the child's progress with the parent or guardian at least twice a year; and
(c) How the child care program staff will work with parents to support the child;
(9) Written plan for any child's specific needs, if applicable;
(10) Fee and payment plans;
(11) Nondiscrimination statement, including Americans with Disabilities Act statement;
(12) Cultural awareness activities;
(13) Religious activities and how families' specific religious preferences are addressed;
(14) How holidays are recognized in the program;
(15) Confidentiality policy, including when information may be shared. See WAC 170-297-2025;
(16) Items that the licensee requires the parent or guardian to provide;
(17) Guidance and discipline policy. See WAC 170-297-6050;
(18) Reporting suspected child abuse or neglect;
(19) Food service practices, including:
(a) Meal and snack schedule;
(b) How child food preferences are addressed; and
(c) Guidelines on food brought from the child's home;
(20) Off-site field trips requirements. See WAC 170-297-2450;
(21) Transportation requirements. See WAC 170-297-6475;
(22) Staffing plan;
(23) Access to staff training and professional development records;
(24) Health care and emergency preparedness policies including:
(a) Emergency preparedness and evacuation plans. See WAC 170-297-2825 and 170-297-2850;
(b) Injury or medical emergency response and reporting;
(c) Medication management including storage and dispensing. See WAC 170-297-3325;
(d) Exclusion/removal policy of ill persons. See WAC 170-297-3210;
(e) Reporting of notifiable conditions to public health;
(f) Immunization tracking. See WAC 170-297-3250; and
(g) Infection control methods, including:
(i) Handwashing (WAC 170-297-3625) and, if applicable, hand sanitizers (WAC 170-297-3650); and
(ii) Cleaning and sanitizing procedures including the sanitizing method and products used. See WAC 170-297-3850 through 170-297-3925;
(25) Nonsmoking policy. See WAC 170-297-4050;
(26) Drug and alcohol policy. See WAC 170-297-4025; and
(27) A signature page with parent/guardian signature documenting that the parent/guardian has received the handbook policies. The signature page must be kept on file on the premises.
[WSR 18-14-078, recodified as § 110-305-2375, filed 6/29/18, effective 7/1/18. Statutory Authority: Chapter 43.215 RCW. WSR 12-23-057, § 170-297-2375, filed 11/19/12, effective 12/20/12.]
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