Chapter 90.72 RCW



HTMLPDF 90.72.020Shellfish tidelands.
HTMLPDF 90.72.030Shellfish protection districtsEstablishmentGoverning bodyPrograms.
HTMLPDF 90.72.040Shellfish protection districtsCreationBoundariesCooperation with governmental entitiesAbolitionReferendum to repeal creationCertain fees not permitted.
HTMLPDF 90.72.045Shellfish protection districtsPrograms required after closure or downgrading of growing area classificationAnnual report.
HTMLPDF 90.72.060Decisions addressing conflicting usesIntegration of the state environmental policy act and county ordinances and resolutions with programs.
HTMLPDF 90.72.065Plans to control pollution effects of animal wasteContracts with conservation districts.
HTMLPDF 90.72.070Program financingActivities not subject to fees, rates, or chargesCollection of charges or rates.
HTMLPDF 90.72.080State water quality financial assistancePriority to counties with shellfish protection districts.
HTMLPDF 90.72.900Certain authority of counties not affected by chapter.