Chapter 9.08 RCW



HTMLPDF 9.08.030False certificate of registration of animalsFalse representation as to breed.
HTMLPDF 9.08.065Definitions.
HTMLPDF 9.08.070Pet animalsTaking, concealing, injuring, killing, etc.Penalty.
HTMLPDF 9.08.072Transferring stolen pet animal to a research institutionPenalty.
HTMLPDF 9.08.074Transferring stolen pet animal to a person who has previously sold a stolen pet animal to a research institutionPenalty.
HTMLPDF 9.08.076Transferring stolen pet animal to a research institution by a U.S.D.A. licensed dealerPenalty.
HTMLPDF 9.08.078Illegal sale, receipt, or transfer of pet animalsSeparate offenses.
HTMLPDF 9.08.080Acts against animal facilitiesIntent.
HTMLPDF 9.08.090Acts against animal facilities.


Accelerant detection dogs
harming: RCW 9A.76.200.
immunity of handler: RCW 4.24.410.
Animals and livestock: Title 16 RCW.
Bees: Chapter 15.60 RCW.
Brands and marks, generally: Chapter 9.16 RCW.
Bulls running at large: RCW 16.24.180 through 16.24.210.
Carrier or racing pigeonsInjury to: RCW 9.61.190 and 9.61.200.
"Coyote getters," use permitted: RCW 9.41.185.
Cruelty to
animals, generally: Chapter 16.52 RCW.
stock in transit: RCW 81.48.070.
Destroying animals in state parks: RCW 79A.05.165.
Disposal of dead animals: Chapter 16.68 RCW.
Dog law: Chapters 16.08, 16.10 RCW.
Dog licensing
control zones: Chapter 16.10 RCW.
counties: Chapter 36.49 RCW.
unclassified cities: RCW 35.30.010.
Game code: Title 77 RCW.
Guard animals, registration: RCW 43.44.120.
Guide dogs: Chapter 70.84 RCW.
Horses, mules, and asses running at large: Chapter 16.24 RCW.
Indictment or information in crimes involving animals: RCW 10.37.070.
Ladybugs, beneficial insects: Chapter 15.61 RCW.
Police dogs
harming: RCW 9A.76.200.
immunity of handler: RCW 4.24.410.
Police horses, harming: RCW 9A.76.200.
Quarantine of diseased domestic animals: Chapter 16.36 RCW.
Racehorses: Chapter 67.16 RCW.
Service dogs: Chapter 70.84 RCW.
Stealing horses or cattle: Chapter 9A.56 RCW.
Transporting in unsafe manner: RCW 16.52.080.