Chapter 82.25 RCW



HTMLPDF 82.25.005Definitions.
HTMLPDF 82.25.010Tax imposedTime of collectionDeposits.
HTMLPDF 82.25.015Foundational public health services account.
HTMLPDF 82.25.020IntentPurpose.
HTMLPDF 82.25.025Federal law preemption.
HTMLPDF 82.25.030Recordkeeping requirements.
HTMLPDF 82.25.035Itemized invoice requirement when sold to person other than ultimate consumer.
HTMLPDF 82.25.040Itemized invoice requirementRetailers.
HTMLPDF 82.25.050Chapter 82.32 RCW application.
HTMLPDF 82.25.055Enforcement officers.
HTMLPDF 82.25.060Invoice requirementsRulesLiability.
HTMLPDF 82.25.065Transporting vapor products for saleNotice.
HTMLPDF 82.25.070Recordkeeping by the board.
HTMLPDF 82.25.075Distributors and retailersInvoicesTransportationAdditional licenses.
HTMLPDF 82.25.080Distributor and retailer license requirements.
HTMLPDF 82.25.085Manufacturer's representatives.
HTMLPDF 82.25.090License and notice requirement violationsSeizure and forfeiture.
HTMLPDF 82.25.095Seizure and forfeiture procedures.
HTMLPDF 82.25.100Violations of chapterAffidavitSearch warrants.
HTMLPDF 82.25.105Tax creditSold outside stateReturned, destroyed productsSold to United States or an Indian tribal organization.
HTMLPDF 82.25.110Preexisting inventories.
HTMLPDF 82.25.900Conflict with federal requirements2019 c 445.
HTMLPDF 82.25.901Effective date2019 c 445.