Chapter 74.09 RCW



74.09.015Nurse hotline, when funded.
74.09.035Medical care servicesEligibility, standardsLimits.
74.09.037Identification cardSocial security number restriction.
74.09.050Director's powers and dutiesPersonnelMedical screenersMedical director.
74.09.053Annual reporting requirement (as amended by 2009 c 479).
74.09.053Annual reporting requirement (as amended by 2009 c 568).
74.09.055Copayment, deductible, coinsurance, other cost-sharing requirements authorized.
74.09.075Employability and disability evaluationMedical conditionMedical reportsMedical consultations and assistance.
74.09.080Methods of performing administrative responsibilities.
74.09.120Purchases of services, care, suppliesNursing homesVeterans' homesInstitutions for persons with intellectual disabilitiesInstitutions for mental diseases.
74.09.150Personnel to be under existing merit system.
74.09.160Presentment of charges by contractors.
74.09.171Contracts for medicaid servicesBorder communities.
74.09.180Chapter does not apply if another party is liableExceptionSubrogationLienReimbursementDelegation of lien and subrogation rights.
74.09.185Third party has legal liability to make paymentsState acquires rightsLienEquitable subrogation does not apply.
74.09.190Religious beliefsConstruction of chapter.
74.09.195Audits of health care providers by the authorityRequirementsProcedure.
74.09.200Audits and investigationsLegislative declarationState authority.
74.09.210Fraudulent practicesPenalties.
74.09.215Medicaid fraud penalty account.
74.09.220Liability for receipt of excess payments.
74.09.230False statements, fraudPenalties.
74.09.240Bribes, kickbacks, rebatesSelf-referralsPenalties.
74.09.250False statements regarding institutions, facilitiesPenalties.
74.09.260Excessive charges, paymentsPenalties.
74.09.270Failure to maintain trust funds in separate accountPenalties.
74.09.280False verification of written statementsPenalties.
74.09.290Audits and investigations of providersPatient recordsPenalties.
74.09.295Disclosure of involuntary commitment information.
74.09.300Department to report penalties to appropriate licensing agency or disciplinary board.
74.09.315WhistleblowersWorkplace reprisal or retaliatory action.
74.09.325Reimbursement of a health care service provided through telemedicine or store and forward technologyAudio-only telemedicine.
74.09.327Audio-only telemedicineFee-for-service reimbursement.
74.09.328Use of substitute providersWhen permittedReimbursement requirements.
74.09.330Reimbursement methodology for ambulance servicesTransport of a medical assistance enrollee to a mental health facility or chemical dependency program.
74.09.335Reimbursement of health care services provided by fire departmentsAdoption of standards.
74.09.340Personal needs allowance, adjusted.
74.09.390Access to baby and child dentistry programCoverage for eligible childrenAuthority's dutiesReport to legislature.
74.09.395Access to baby and child dentistry programOutreach and engagementStakeholder collaboration.
74.09.402Children's health careFindingsIntent.
74.09.460Children's affordable health coverageFindingsIntent.
74.09.470Children's affordable health coverageAuthority duties.
74.09.4701Apple health for kidsUnemployment compensation.
74.09.475Newborn delivery services to medical assistance clientsPolicies and proceduresReporting.
74.09.480Performance measuresProvider rate increasesReport.
74.09.490Children's mental healthImproving medication management and care coordination.
74.09.495Access to children's behavioral health servicesReport to legislature.
74.09.4951Children and youth behavioral health work groupAdvisory groupsReport to governor and legislature.
74.09.497Authority review of payment codes available to health plans and providers related to primary care and behavioral healthRequirementsPrinciples consideredMatricesReporting.
74.09.500Medical assistanceEstablished.
74.09.510Medical assistanceEligibility.
74.09.515Medical assistanceCoverage for youth released from confinement.
74.09.520Medical assistanceCare and services includedFunding limitations.
74.09.522Medical assistanceAgreements with managed health care systems for provision of services to medicaid recipientsPrinciples to be applied in purchasing managed health care.
74.09.5222Medical assistanceSection 1115 demonstration waiver request.
74.09.5223FindingsChronic care management.
74.09.5225Medical assistancePayments for services provided by rural hospitalsParticipation in Washington rural health access preservation pilot.
74.09.5229Primary care health homesChronic care managementFindingsIntent.
74.09.523PACE programDefinitionsRequirements.
74.09.530Medical assistancePowers and duties of authority.
74.09.540Medical assistanceWorking individuals with disabilitiesIntent.
74.09.545Medical assistance or limited casualty programEligibilityAgreements between spouses to transfer future incomeCommunity income.
74.09.555Medical assistanceReinstatement upon release from confinementExpedited eligibility determinations.
74.09.557Medical assistanceComplex rehabilitation technology products.
74.09.565Medical assistance for institutionalized personsTreatment of income between spouses.
74.09.575Medical assistance for institutionalized personsTreatment of resources.
74.09.585Medical assistance for institutionalized personsPeriod of ineligibility for transfer of resources.
74.09.595Medical assistance for institutionalized personsDue process procedures.
74.09.597Medical assistanceDurable medical equipment and medical suppliesProviders.
74.09.600Post audit examinations by state auditor.
74.09.605Incorporation of outcomes/criteria into contracts with managed care organizations.
74.09.611Hospital quality incentive paymentsNoncritical access hospitals.
74.09.630Opioid overdose reversal medicationsReimbursement.
74.09.632Opioid overdose reversal medicationsTechnical assistanceWritten materials.
74.09.634Opioid overdose reversal medicationsBulk purchasing and distribution program.
74.09.640Opioid use disorderNonpharmacologic treatments.
74.09.645Opioid use disorderCoverage without prior authorization.
74.09.650Prescription drug assistance program.
74.09.653Drug reimbursement policy recommendations.
74.09.655Smoking cessation assistance.
74.09.657FindingsFamily planning services expansion.
74.09.658Home healthReimbursementTelemedicine.
74.09.659Family planning waiver program request.
74.09.660Prescription drug education for seniorsGrant qualifications.
74.09.670Medical assistance benefitsIncarcerated or committed personsSuspension.
74.09.671Incarcerated personsLocal jailsBehavioral health servicesFederal funding.
74.09.672Inmates of a public institutionExclusion from medicaid coverageWork release and partial confinement programs.
74.09.675Gender affirming care servicesProhibited discrimination.
74.09.700Medical careLimited casualty program.
74.09.710Chronic care management programsMedical homesDefinitions.
74.09.715Access to dental care.
74.09.717Dental health aide therapist servicesFederal funding.
74.09.719Compact of free association islander dental care program.
74.09.720Prevention of blindness program.
74.09.725Prostate cancer screening.
74.09.730Disproportionate share hospital adjustment.
74.09.741Adjudicative proceedings.
74.09.745Medicaid funding for home visiting servicesRecommendations to legislature.
74.09.748Regional service areasCertain reimbursements required or allowed upon adoption of fully integrated managed health care system.
74.09.756Medicaid and state children's health insurance program demonstration project.
74.09.758Medicaid procurement of servicesValue-based contracting for medicaid and public employee purchasing.
74.09.760Short title1989 1st ex.s. c 10.
74.09.770Maternity care access system established.
74.09.780Reservation of legislative power.
74.09.800Maternity care access program established.
74.09.810Alternative maternity care service delivery system establishedRemedial action report.
74.09.820Maternity care provider's loan repayment program.
74.09.830Postpartum health care coverage.
74.09.850Conflict with federal requirements.
74.09.860Request for proposalsFoster childrenIntegrated managed health and behavioral health careContinuation of health care benefits following reunification.
74.09.870Regional service areasEstablishment.
74.09.871Behavioral health servicesContracting process.
74.09.875Reproductive health care servicesProhibited discrimination.
74.09.877Statewide plan to implement coordinated specialty care programs providing early identification and intervention for psychosis.
74.09.900Other laws applicable.
74.09.920ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.