Chapter 70.95C RCW



70.95C.010Legislative findings.
70.95C.030Office of waste reductionDuties.
70.95C.040Waste reduction and hazardous substance use reduction consultation program.
70.95C.050Waste reduction techniquesWorkshops and seminars.
70.95C.060Waste reduction hotlineDatabase system.
70.95C.070Waste reduction research and development programContracts.
70.95C.080Director's authority.
70.95C.110Waste reduction and recycling program to promote activities by state agenciesRecycled paper goal.
70.95C.120Waste reduction and recycling awards program in K-12 public schoolsEncouraging waste reduction and recycling in private schools.
70.95C.200Hazardous waste generators and usersVoluntary reduction plan.
70.95C.210Voluntary reduction planExemption.
70.95C.220Voluntary reduction plan, executive summary, or progress reportDepartment review.
70.95C.230Appeal of department order or surcharge.
70.95C.240Public inspection of plans, summaries, progress reports.
70.95C.250Multimedia permit pilot programAir, water, hazardous waste management.