Chapter 51.44 RCW



51.44.010Accident fund.
51.44.020Medical aid fund.
51.44.023Industrial insurance rainy day fundAdministrationAdvisory committee.
51.44.030Reserve fund.
51.44.033Supplemental pension fund.
51.44.040Second injury fund.
51.44.050Catastrophe injury account.
51.44.060Charge to accident fund for the catastrophe injury account.
51.44.070Transfer from accident fund and/or appropriate accounts to reserve fundAnnuity values.
51.44.073Transfer from self-insurer into the reserve fundAnnuity valuesAlternativePenalty for delay or refusal to reimburse.
51.44.080Reserve fundTransfers from state fundSurplusDeficiency.
51.44.090Reserve fund record and maintenance by state treasurer.
51.44.100Investment of accident, medical aid, reserve, industrial insurance rainy day, supplemental pension funds.
51.44.110Disbursements of funds.
51.44.115Financial statements and informationAnnual audit and report.
51.44.120Liability of state treasurer.
51.44.140Self-insurer deposits into reserve fundAccounts within fundSurpluses and deficits.
51.44.142Self-insured employer overpayment reimbursement fund.
51.44.145Self-insured insurer programAdministrative costs.
51.44.150Assessments upon self-insurers for administration costs.
51.44.160Interfund loans between reserve and supplemental pension fundsAudit.
51.44.170Industrial insurance premium refund account.
51.44.180Stay-at-work programAdministrative expensesAdvisory committee.
51.44.190Construction registration inspection accountFee levelsTransfers.


Self-insured employer overpayment reimbursement fundWithholding from worker earningsUse of fundsException: RCW 51.32.242.