Chapter 49.52 RCW



49.52.010Employees' benefit deductions and employer contributions are trust fundsEnforcement.
49.52.020Lien of party rendering service.
49.52.030Deductions in extrahazardous employmentMedical aid fund deductions excluded.
49.52.040Actions to recover for serviceLienPriority.
49.52.050Rebates of wagesFalse recordsPenalty.
49.52.060Authorized withholding.
49.52.070Civil liability for double damages.
49.52.080Presumption as to intent.
49.52.090Rebates of wages on public worksPenalty.


Chattel liens: Chapter 60.08 RCW.
Mechanics' and materialmen's liens: Chapter 60.04 RCW.
Mutual savings bank employees, pension, retirement, or health insurance benefits: RCW 32.04.082.
Public employees, payroll deductions: RCW 41.04.020, 41.04.030, 41.04.035, and 41.04.036.