Chapter 49.48 RCW



49.48.010Payment of wages due to employee ceasing work to be at end of pay periodExceptionsAuthorized deductions or withholdings.
49.48.020Penalty for noncompliance with RCW 49.48.010 through 49.48.030 and 49.48.060.
49.48.030Attorney's fee in action on wagesException.
49.48.040Enforcement of wage claimsIssuance of subpoenasCompliance.
49.48.050Remedy cumulative.
49.48.060Director may require bond after assignment of wage claims or receipt of a wage complaintCourt actionPenalty for failure to pay wage claim.
49.48.075Reciprocal enforcement agreements with other states.
49.48.080Public employees excluded.
49.48.082Wage complaintsDefinitions.
49.48.083Wage complaintsDuty of department to investigateCitations and notices of assessmentCivil penalties.
49.48.084Wage complaintsAdministrative appeals.
49.48.085Wage complaintsEmployee termination of administrative action.
49.48.086Collection procedures.
49.48.090Assignment of wagesRequisites to validity.
49.48.100Written consent of spouse required.
49.48.115Employer defined.
49.48.120Payment on employee's death.
49.48.125Repeat willful violatorsCivil penalties.
49.48.150Sales representativesDefinitions.
49.48.160Sales representativesContractAgreement.
49.48.170Sales representativesPayment.
49.48.180Sales representativesPrincipal considered doing business in this state.
49.48.190Sales representativesRights and remedies not exclusiveWaiver void.
49.48.200Overpayment of wagesGovernment employees.
49.48.210Overpayment of wagesNoticeReviewAppeal.
49.48.900ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Chattel liens: Chapter 60.08 RCW.
Mechanics' and materialmen's liens: Chapter 60.04 RCW.