Chapter 46.93 RCW



HTMLPDF 46.93.010FindingsIntent.
HTMLPDF 46.93.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 46.93.030Termination, cancellation, nonrenewal of franchise restricted.
HTMLPDF 46.93.040Determination of good cause, good faithPetition, notice, decision, appeal.
HTMLPDF 46.93.050Determination of good cause, good faithHearing, decision, proceduresJudicial review.
HTMLPDF 46.93.060Good cause, what constitutesBurden of proof.
HTMLPDF 46.93.070Notice of termination, cancellation, or nonrenewal.
HTMLPDF 46.93.080Payments by manufacturer to dealer for inventory, equipment, etc.
HTMLPDF 46.93.090Mitigation of damages.
HTMLPDF 46.93.100Warranty work.
HTMLPDF 46.93.110Designated successor to franchise ownership.
HTMLPDF 46.93.120Relevant market areaNew or relocated dealerships, notice of.
HTMLPDF 46.93.130Protest of new or relocated dealershipHearingArbitration.
HTMLPDF 46.93.140Factors considered by administrative law judge.
HTMLPDF 46.93.150HearingProcedures, costs, appeal.
HTMLPDF 46.93.160Relocation requirementsExceptions.
HTMLPDF 46.93.170Unfair practices.
HTMLPDF 46.93.180Sale, transfer, or exchange of franchise.
HTMLPDF 46.93.190Petition and hearing filing fees, costs, security.
HTMLPDF 46.93.200Department defining additional motorsports vehicles.
HTMLPDF 46.93.210Reporting of warranties for off-road vehicles and snowmobiles sold by out-of-state dealersDepartment notice to buyersApportionment of fines.