Chapter 46.82 RCW



HTMLPDF 46.82.280Definitions.
HTMLPDF 46.82.285Application of uniform regulation of business and professions act.
HTMLPDF 46.82.290Administration of chapterAdoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 46.82.300Driver instructors' advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 46.82.310School licensesInsurance.
HTMLPDF 46.82.320Instructor's license.
HTMLPDF 46.82.325Background checks for school personnel.
HTMLPDF 46.82.330Instructor's licenseApplicationRequirements.
HTMLPDF 46.82.340Duplicate license certificates.
HTMLPDF 46.82.350Suspension, revocation, or denial of licensesCauses enumerated.
HTMLPDF 46.82.360Suspension, revocation, or denial of licensesFailure to comply with specified business practices.
HTMLPDF 46.82.370Suspension, revocation, or denial of licensesAppeal of actionEmergency suspensionHearing, notice and procedure.
HTMLPDF 46.82.380Appeal from action or decision of director.
HTMLPDF 46.82.390Penalty.
HTMLPDF 46.82.400Chapter not applicable to educational institutions.
HTMLPDF 46.82.410Disposition of moneys collected.
HTMLPDF 46.82.420Required curriculumRevocation of license for failure to teach.
HTMLPDF 46.82.430Instructional material requirements.
HTMLPDF 46.82.440Military training or experience.
HTMLPDF 46.82.441Spouses of military personnelLicensure.
HTMLPDF 46.82.450Administration of knowledge and driving portions of driver licensing examinationRulesDepartment oversight authority.
HTMLPDF 46.82.460Interactive map of driver training education course providers, providers of traffic safety education programReport of course and program pricing.
HTMLPDF 46.82.901Coordination of responsibilities with the office of the superintendent of public instruction2017 c 197.