Chapter 46.04 RCW



HTMLPDF 46.04.010Scope and construction of terms.
HTMLPDF 46.04.0114-H license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.013Affidavit of loss.
HTMLPDF 46.04.014Agent.
HTMLPDF 46.04.015Alcohol concentration.
HTMLPDF 46.04.020Alley.
HTMLPDF 46.04.022Amateur radio operator license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.028Armed forces license plate collection.
HTMLPDF 46.04.030Arterial highway.
HTMLPDF 46.04.040Authorized emergency vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.050Auto stage.
HTMLPDF 46.04.060Axle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.071Bicycle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.077Breast cancer awareness license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.079Business day.
HTMLPDF 46.04.080Business district.
HTMLPDF 46.04.083Cab and chassis.
HTMLPDF 46.04.085Camper.
HTMLPDF 46.04.090Cancel.
HTMLPDF 46.04.092Cannabis.
HTMLPDF 46.04.094Cargo extension.
HTMLPDF 46.04.100Center line.
HTMLPDF 46.04.110Center of intersection.
HTMLPDF 46.04.115Chauffeur.
HTMLPDF 46.04.118Circular intersection.
HTMLPDF 46.04.120City street.
HTMLPDF 46.04.123Collectible vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.125Collector.
HTMLPDF 46.04.126Collector vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1261Collector vehicle license plate.
HTMLPDF 46.04.127Collegiate license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.130Combination of vehicles.
HTMLPDF 46.04.136Commercial trailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.140Commercial vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.142Confidential license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.143Converter gear.
HTMLPDF 46.04.150County road.
HTMLPDF 46.04.160Crosswalk.
HTMLPDF 46.04.161Custom vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1615Data services.
HTMLPDF 46.04.162Department.
HTMLPDF 46.04.163Director.
HTMLPDF 46.04.164Disabled American veteran license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1641Drifting.
HTMLPDF 46.04.165Driveaway-towaway operation.
HTMLPDF 46.04.167Driver education.
HTMLPDF 46.04.168Driving privilege withheld.
HTMLPDF 46.04.169Electric-assisted bicycleClass 1 electric-assisted bicycleClass 2 electric-assisted bicycleClass 3 electric-assisted bicycle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1695Electric personal assistive mobility device (EPAMD).
HTMLPDF 46.04.1697Electronic commerce.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1698Empty scale weight.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1699Endangered wildlife license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.170Explosives.
HTMLPDF 46.04.174Facial recognition matching system.
HTMLPDF 46.04.180Farm tractor.
HTMLPDF 46.04.181Farm vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.182Farmer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.183Farming.
HTMLPDF 46.04.186Fixed load vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.187Flammable liquid.
HTMLPDF 46.04.190For hire vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.192Former prisoner of war license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.193Fred Hutch license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.194Garbage truck.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1945Golf cart.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1951Gonzaga University alumni association license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.1953Gross vehicle weight rating.
HTMLPDF 46.04.196Helping Kids Speak license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.197Highway.
HTMLPDF 46.04.199Horseless carriage license plate.
HTMLPDF 46.04.200Hours of darkness.
HTMLPDF 46.04.204Hybrid motor vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.209Identity information.
HTMLPDF 46.04.215Ignition interlock device.
HTMLPDF 46.04.217Ignition interlock driver's license.
HTMLPDF 46.04.220Intersection area.
HTMLPDF 46.04.240Intersection control area.
HTMLPDF 46.04.249Keep Kids Safe license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.251Kit vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.260Laned highway.
HTMLPDF 46.04.265Law enforcement memorial license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.270Legal owner.
HTMLPDF 46.04.2701License plate.
HTMLPDF 46.04.271Light truck.
HTMLPDF 46.04.272Lightweight stud.
HTMLPDF 46.04.274Limousine.
HTMLPDF 46.04.276Limousine carrier.
HTMLPDF 46.04.280Local authorities.
HTMLPDF 46.04.290Marked crosswalk.
HTMLPDF 46.04.292Market value threshold amount.
HTMLPDF 46.04.294Medal of Honor.
HTMLPDF 46.04.295Medium-speed electric vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.300Metal tire.
HTMLPDF 46.04.301Military affiliate radio system license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.302Mobile home, manufactured home.
HTMLPDF 46.04.303Modular home.
HTMLPDF 46.04.304Moped.
HTMLPDF 46.04.305Motor homes.
HTMLPDF 46.04.310Motor truck.
HTMLPDF 46.04.320Motor vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.330Motorcycle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.332Motor-driven cycle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.336Motorized foot scooter.
HTMLPDF 46.04.340Muffler.
HTMLPDF 46.04.350Multiple lane highway.
HTMLPDF 46.04.355Municipal transit vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.3551Music Matters license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.356Natural person.
HTMLPDF 46.04.357Neighborhood electric vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.358New motor vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.360Nonresident.
HTMLPDF 46.04.363Off-road motorcycle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.365Off-road vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.367Off-street facility.
HTMLPDF 46.04.370Operator or driver.
HTMLPDF 46.04.371Organ transport vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.372ORV registration.
HTMLPDF 46.04.380Owner.
HTMLPDF 46.04.3802Ownership in doubt.
HTMLPDF 46.04.381Park or parking.
HTMLPDF 46.04.3815Parts car.
HTMLPDF 46.04.382Passenger car.
HTMLPDF 46.04.383Patches pal license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.385Personalized license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.400Pedestrian.
HTMLPDF 46.04.405Person.
HTMLPDF 46.04.408Photograph, picture, negative.
HTMLPDF 46.04.410Pneumatic tires.
HTMLPDF 46.04.414Pole trailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.4141Police officer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.415Power wheelchair.
HTMLPDF 46.04.416Private carrier bus.
HTMLPDF 46.04.420Private road or driveway.
HTMLPDF 46.04.422Private use single-axle trailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.429Professional firefighters and paramedics license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.435Public scale.
HTMLPDF 46.04.437Purple heart license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.440Railroad.
HTMLPDF 46.04.450Railroad sign or signal.
HTMLPDF 46.04.455Reasonable grounds.
HTMLPDF 46.04.460Registered owner.
HTMLPDF 46.04.462Registration.
HTMLPDF 46.04.464Renewal notice.
HTMLPDF 46.04.465Rental car.
HTMLPDF 46.04.466Rental car business.
HTMLPDF 46.04.467Rental trailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.468Report of sale.
HTMLPDF 46.04.470Residence district.
HTMLPDF 46.04.480Revoke.
HTMLPDF 46.04.485Ride share license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.490Road tractor.
HTMLPDF 46.04.500Roadway.
HTMLPDF 46.04.510Safety zone.
HTMLPDF 46.04.514Salvage vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.516San Juan Islands license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.518Scale weight.
HTMLPDF 46.04.521School bus.
HTMLPDF 46.04.522Seattle Mariners license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.5221Seattle NHL hockey special license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.523Seattle Seahawks license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.524Seattle Sounders FC license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.525Seattle University license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.526Secured party.
HTMLPDF 46.04.527Security interest.
HTMLPDF 46.04.530Semitrailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.535Share the road license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.540Sidewalk.
HTMLPDF 46.04.542Ski & ride Washington license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.545Snow bike.
HTMLPDF 46.04.546Snowmobile.
HTMLPDF 46.04.550Solid tire.
HTMLPDF 46.04.551Special highway construction equipment.
HTMLPDF 46.04.552Special mobile equipment.
HTMLPDF 46.04.553Sport utility vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.554Square dancer license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.555Stand or standing.
HTMLPDF 46.04.556Standard issue license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.559State flower license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.560State highway.
HTMLPDF 46.04.565Stop.
HTMLPDF 46.04.566Stop or stopping.
HTMLPDF 46.04.570Streetcar.
HTMLPDF 46.04.572Street rod vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.574Subagency.
HTMLPDF 46.04.575Subagent.
HTMLPDF 46.04.580Suspend.
HTMLPDF 46.04.581Tab.
HTMLPDF 46.04.582Tandem axle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.585Temporarily sojourning.
HTMLPDF 46.04.5851Temporary license plate.
HTMLPDF 46.04.5852Temporary operating authority.
HTMLPDF 46.04.586THC concentration.
HTMLPDF 46.04.587Total loss vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.588Tow dolly.
HTMLPDF 46.04.589Tracked all-terrain vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.590Traffic.
HTMLPDF 46.04.600Traffic control signal.
HTMLPDF 46.04.611Traffic-control devices.
HTMLPDF 46.04.620Trailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.621Transit permit.
HTMLPDF 46.04.622Park trailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.62240Share the Road license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.62250Signal preemption device.
HTMLPDF 46.04.62260Ski & Ride Washington license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.623Travel trailer.
HTMLPDF 46.04.630Train.
HTMLPDF 46.04.640Trolley vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.650Tractor.
HTMLPDF 46.04.652Transportation network company.
HTMLPDF 46.04.653Truck.
HTMLPDF 46.04.655Truck tractor.
HTMLPDF 46.04.660Used vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.670Vehicle.
HTMLPDF 46.04.671Vehicle license fee.
HTMLPDF 46.04.672Vehicle or pedestrian right-of-way.
HTMLPDF 46.04.681Vintage snowmobile.
HTMLPDF 46.04.683Washington apples license plate.
HTMLPDF 46.04.685Washington farmers and ranchers license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.691Washington Lighthouses license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.6910Washington state aviation license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.6911Washington state parks license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.6912Washington state wrestling license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.6913Washington tennis license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.6914Washington wine license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.6915Washington's fish license plate collection.
HTMLPDF 46.04.692Washington's National Park Fund license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.693Washington's wildlife license plate collection.
HTMLPDF 46.04.705We love our pets license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.710Wheelchair conveyance.
HTMLPDF 46.04.714Wild on Washington license plates.
HTMLPDF 46.04.900ConstructionTitle applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Abandoned, unauthorized, and junk vehicles, definitions relating to: RCW 46.55.010.
Commercial drivers' licenses, definitions relating to: RCW 46.25.010.
"Conviction" defined: RCW 46.20.270.
Driver training schools, definitions relating to: RCW 46.82.280.
"Finding that a traffic infraction has been committed" defined: RCW 46.20.270.
"Habitual offender" defined: RCW 46.65.020.
"Ignition interlock, biological, technical devices" defined: RCW 46.20.710.
"Judgment" defined for purposes of financial responsibility: RCW 46.29.270.
"Motor vehicle dealer" defined: RCW 46.70.011.
"Motor vehicle liability policy" defined: RCW 46.29.490.
Off-road vehicles, definitions relating to: RCW 46.09.310.
"Proof of financial responsibility for the future" defined: RCW 46.29.260.
"Resident" defined: RCW 46.16A.140, 46.20.021.
Snowmobiles, definitions relating to: RCW 46.10.300.
"State" defined for purposes of financial responsibility: RCW 46.29.270.
"Traffic infraction, finding that has been committed" defined: RCW 46.20.270.