Chapter 39.104 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.104.010Finding.
HTMLPDF 39.104.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 39.104.030Conditions.
HTMLPDF 39.104.040Creation of revitalization area.
HTMLPDF 39.104.050Limitations on revitalization areas.
HTMLPDF 39.104.060Use of property tax allocation revenues for revitalization financingOpting outPartial participation.
HTMLPDF 39.104.070Participating in revitalization financingInterlocal agreementImposition of sales and use taxOrdinance to opt outNotice.
HTMLPDF 39.104.080Local property tax allocation revenuesDistributionDeterminationTerminationException.
HTMLPDF 39.104.090Local sales and use tax increments.
HTMLPDF 39.104.100Application processApproval of project awards by the approving agency.
HTMLPDF 39.104.110Issuance of general obligation bonds.
HTMLPDF 39.104.120Use of tax revenue for bond repayment.
HTMLPDF 39.104.130Limitation on bonds issued.
HTMLPDF 39.104.140ConstructionPort districtsAuthority.
HTMLPDF 39.104.150Administration by the department of revenue and the department of commerceAdoption of rules.