Chapter 39.102 RCW



HTMLPDF 39.102.010Finding.
HTMLPDF 39.102.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 39.102.030Creation.
HTMLPDF 39.102.040Application processBoard approval.
HTMLPDF 39.102.050Demonstration projects.
HTMLPDF 39.102.060Limitations on revenue development areas.
HTMLPDF 39.102.070Local infrastructure financingConditions.
HTMLPDF 39.102.080Revenue development area adoptionProcess.
HTMLPDF 39.102.090Revenue development area adoptionOrdinanceHearing and delivery requirements.
HTMLPDF 39.102.100Revenue development area adoptionNotice requirements.
HTMLPDF 39.102.110Local excise tax allocation revenues.
HTMLPDF 39.102.120Local property tax allocation revenues.
HTMLPDF 39.102.130Use of sales and use tax funds.
HTMLPDF 39.102.140Reporting requirements.
HTMLPDF 39.102.150Issuance of general obligation bonds.
HTMLPDF 39.102.160Use of tax revenue for bond repayment.
HTMLPDF 39.102.170Limitation on bonds issued.
HTMLPDF 39.102.190Revenue bonds to fund public improvements.
HTMLPDF 39.102.195Limitation on use of revenues.
HTMLPDF 39.102.200Joint legislative audit and review committee reports.
HTMLPDF 39.102.210Program evaluation.
HTMLPDF 39.102.220Administration by department and board.
HTMLPDF 39.102.902Construction2006 c 181.
HTMLPDF 39.102.903Effective date2006 c 181.
HTMLPDF 39.102.905Expiration date2013 2nd sp.s. c 21.