Chapter 38.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 38.32.010Nonmilitary offenses by members on-duty status.
HTMLPDF 38.32.020Military offenses.
HTMLPDF 38.32.030Exemptions while on duty.
HTMLPDF 38.32.070Member removed from state, request for discharge.
HTMLPDF 38.32.080Penalty for failure to obey call.
HTMLPDF 38.32.090Penalty for physician making false certificate.
HTMLPDF 38.32.100Buying and receiving military property.
HTMLPDF 38.32.120Authority of commanding officer.
HTMLPDF 38.32.140Sentence to confinement.


MilitiaOrganizationDisciplineOfficersPower to call out: State Constitution Art. 10 § 2.