Title 37 RCW

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37.04General cession of jurisdiction.
37.08Jurisdiction in special cases.
37.12Indians and Indian landsJurisdiction.
37.16Acquisition of lands for permanent military installations.


Daylight saving timeProhibition not applicable to federal areas: RCW 1.20.050.
Excise taxesExtension of excises to federal areas: Chapter 82.52 RCW.
Federal employees classified as resident students: RCW 28B.15.014.
Federal forest reserve funds, distribution of: RCW 28A.520.010, 28A.520.020.
San Juan Island national historical park, donation of state lands: Chapter 94, Laws of 1967 (uncodified).
School districtsAgreements with other governmental entities for transportation of students or the public, or for other noncommon school purposesLimitations: RCW 28A.160.120.