Chapter 36.69 RCW



HTMLPDF 36.69.010Park and recreation districts authorized"Recreational facilities" defined.
HTMLPDF 36.69.020Formation of district by petitionProcedure.
HTMLPDF 36.69.030Area which may be includedResolution of governing body of city or town.
HTMLPDF 36.69.040Hearing on petitionNotice.
HTMLPDF 36.69.050BoundariesNameInclusion, exclusion of lands.
HTMLPDF 36.69.065Election for formationInclusion of proposition for tax levy or issuance of bonds.
HTMLPDF 36.69.070ElectionsProceduresTerms.
HTMLPDF 36.69.080Election results.
HTMLPDF 36.69.090CommissionersTermsElection procedures.
HTMLPDF 36.69.100CommissionersVacancies.
HTMLPDF 36.69.110CommissionersCompensation, expenses.
HTMLPDF 36.69.120CommissionersDuties.
HTMLPDF 36.69.130Powers of districts.
HTMLPDF 36.69.140Excess levies authorizedBondsInterest bearing warrants.
HTMLPDF 36.69.145Six-year regular property tax leviesLimitationsElection.
HTMLPDF 36.69.147Community revitalization financingPublic improvements.
HTMLPDF 36.69.150District treasurerWarrantsVouchers.
HTMLPDF 36.69.160Budget.
HTMLPDF 36.69.170Expenditures.
HTMLPDF 36.69.180Violation of rulesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 36.69.190Additional area may be added to district.
HTMLPDF 36.69.200L.I.D.'sAuthorizationAssessments, warrants, bondsCounty treasurer's duties.
HTMLPDF 36.69.210L.I.D.'sInitiation by resolution or petition.
HTMLPDF 36.69.220L.I.D.'sProcedure when by resolution.
HTMLPDF 36.69.230L.I.D.'sProcedure when by petitionPublication of notice of intent by either resolution or petition.
HTMLPDF 36.69.240L.I.D.'sNoticeContents.
HTMLPDF 36.69.245L.I.D.'sNotice must contain statement that assessments may vary from estimates.
HTMLPDF 36.69.250L.I.D.'sPublic hearingInclusion, exclusion of property.
HTMLPDF 36.69.260L.I.D.'sProtestsProcedureJurisdiction of board.
HTMLPDF 36.69.270L.I.D.'sPowers and duties of board upon formation.
HTMLPDF 36.69.280L.I.D.'sAssessment rollProcedure for approvalObjections.
HTMLPDF 36.69.290L.I.D.'sSegregation of assessmentsPower of board.
HTMLPDF 36.69.300L.I.D.'sSegregation of assessmentsProcedureFee, charges.
HTMLPDF 36.69.305L.I.D.'sAcquisition of property subject to unpaid or delinquent assessments by state or political subdivisionPayment of lien or installments.
HTMLPDF 36.69.310Dissolution.
HTMLPDF 36.69.315Withdrawal or reannexation from a park and recreation districtAuthorityProcedure.
HTMLPDF 36.69.320Disincorporation of district located in county with a population of two hundred ten thousand or more and inactive for five years.
HTMLPDF 36.69.350Board authorized to contract indebtedness and issue revenue bonds.
HTMLPDF 36.69.360Revenue bondsAuthorized purposes.
HTMLPDF 36.69.370Revenue bondsIssuance, form, seal, etc.
HTMLPDF 36.69.380Resolution to authorize bondsContents.
HTMLPDF 36.69.390Payment of bondsCovenantsEnforcement.
HTMLPDF 36.69.400Funding, refunding bonds.
HTMLPDF 36.69.410Authority for issuance of bondsConstruction.
HTMLPDF 36.69.420Joint park and recreation districtAuthorization.
HTMLPDF 36.69.430Joint park and recreation districtFormationPetition.
HTMLPDF 36.69.440Joint park and recreation districtFormationHearingBoundariesElection.
HTMLPDF 36.69.450Joint park and recreation districtDuties of county officers.
HTMLPDF 36.69.460Joint park and recreation districtPopulation determinations.
HTMLPDF 36.69.500Community athletics programsSex discrimination prohibited.
HTMLPDF 36.69.900Short title.


Contracts with community service organizations for public improvements: RCW 35.21.278.
RCW 39.33.060 to govern on sales by water-sewer district for park and recreational purposes: RCW 57.08.140.
Transfer of real property or contract for use for park and recreational purposes: RCW 39.33.060.