Chapter 32.32 RCW



HTMLPDF 32.32.010Chapter exclusiveProhibition on conversion without approvalWaiver of requirements.
HTMLPDF 32.32.015Forms.
HTMLPDF 32.32.020Request of noncomplianceRequirements.
HTMLPDF 32.32.025Definitions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.030Prohibition on approval of certain applications for conversion.
HTMLPDF 32.32.035Requirements of plan of conversion.
HTMLPDF 32.32.040Issuance of capital stockPrice.
HTMLPDF 32.32.042SharesCertificate not required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.045Stock purchase subscription rightsEligible account holders.
HTMLPDF 32.32.050Stock purchase subscription rights received by officers, directors, and their associatesSubordination.
HTMLPDF 32.32.055Supplemental share purchase subscription rightsSupplemental eligible account holderConditions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.060Sale of shares not sold in subscription offeringMethodsConditions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.065Limitation on subscription and purchase of shares by person with associate or groupAmount.
HTMLPDF 32.32.070Limitation on purchase of shares by officers, directors, and their associatesAmount.
HTMLPDF 32.32.075Prohibition on purchase of shares by officers, directors, and their associatesException.
HTMLPDF 32.32.080Uniform sales price of shares requiredApplication to specify arrangements on sale of shares not sold in subscription offering.
HTMLPDF 32.32.085Savings account holder to receive withdrawable savings account(s)Amount.
HTMLPDF 32.32.090Liquidation accountEstablishment and maintenance required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.095Establishment of eligibility record date required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.100Capital stockVoting rights.
HTMLPDF 32.32.105Amendment and termination of plan of conversion.
HTMLPDF 32.32.110Restriction on sale of shares of stock by directors and officers.
HTMLPDF 32.32.115Conditions on shares of stock subject to restriction on sale.
HTMLPDF 32.32.120Registration of securitiesMarketing of securitiesListing of shares on securities exchange or NASDAQ quotation system.
HTMLPDF 32.32.125Reasonable expenses required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.130Plan of conversionProhibited provisions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.135Plan of conversionPermissible provisions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.140Purchase of certain shares of stock by directors, officers, and employees permittedConditions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.145Receipt of certain subscription rights by account holders permittedAmountConditions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.150Permissible sales of insignificant residue of shares.
HTMLPDF 32.32.155Limitation on number of shares subscribed in subscription offering permitted.
HTMLPDF 32.32.160Minimum purchase requirement in exercise of subscription rights permitted.
HTMLPDF 32.32.165Stock option plan permittedReserved shares.
HTMLPDF 32.32.170Issuance of securities in lieu of capital stock permittedReferences to capital stock.
HTMLPDF 32.32.175Approval of other equitable provisions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.180Amount of qualifying deposit of eligible account holder or supplemental eligible account holder.
HTMLPDF 32.32.185Liquidation accountEstablishment requiredAmountFunction.
HTMLPDF 32.32.190Liquidation accountMaintenance requiredSubaccounts.
HTMLPDF 32.32.195Liquidation accountDistribution upon complete liquidation.
HTMLPDF 32.32.200Liquidation accountDetermination of subaccount balances.
HTMLPDF 32.32.205Reduction of subaccount balance.
HTMLPDF 32.32.210Converted savings bank prohibited from repurchasing its stock without approval.
HTMLPDF 32.32.215Limitation on cash dividends.
HTMLPDF 32.32.220Limitation on certain cash dividends within ten years of conversion.
HTMLPDF 32.32.222Dividends on preferred stock.
HTMLPDF 32.32.225Prohibitions on offer, sale, or purchase of securities.
HTMLPDF 32.32.228Acquisition of control of a converted savings bankState reciprocityDefinitions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.230Nonapproval of conversion unless acquisition of control within three years by certain companies prohibited.
HTMLPDF 32.32.235Plan of conversionCharter restrictions permitted.
HTMLPDF 32.32.240Confidentiality of consideration to convertRemedial measures for breach.
HTMLPDF 32.32.245Public statement authorized.
HTMLPDF 32.32.250Adoption of plan of conversionNotice to and inspection by account holdersStatement and letterPress release authorized.
HTMLPDF 32.32.255Statement, letter, and press releaseContent permitted.
HTMLPDF 32.32.260Statement, letter, and press releaseContents prohibitedInquiries.
HTMLPDF 32.32.265Notices of filing of applicationRequests for subscription offering circular.
HTMLPDF 32.32.270Filing of notice and affidavit of publication required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.275Applications available for public inspectionConfidential information.
HTMLPDF 32.32.280Offers and sales of securitiesProhibitions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.285Distribution of offering circulars authorized.
HTMLPDF 32.32.290Preliminary offering circular for subscription offeringEstimated subscription price range required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.295Review of price information by director.
HTMLPDF 32.32.300Underwriting commissions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.305Consideration of pricing information by directorGuidelines.
HTMLPDF 32.32.310Submission of information by applicant.
HTMLPDF 32.32.315Subscription offeringDistribution of order forms for the purchase of shares.
HTMLPDF 32.32.320Order formsFinal offering circular and detailed instructions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.325Subscription price.
HTMLPDF 32.32.330Order formContents.
HTMLPDF 32.32.335Order formAdditional provision authorizedPayment by withdrawal.
HTMLPDF 32.32.340Time period for completion of sale of all shares of capital stock.
HTMLPDF 32.32.345Copies of application for approval to be filed.
HTMLPDF 32.32.350Nonacceptance and return of applications.
HTMLPDF 32.32.355Continuity of corporate existence.
HTMLPDF 32.32.360Form of application.
HTMLPDF 32.32.365Representations upon filing of application.
HTMLPDF 32.32.370Representations upon filing of applicationException.
HTMLPDF 32.32.375Application to furnish information.
HTMLPDF 32.32.380ApplicationAdditional information required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.385Omission of certain information permittedConditions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.390Offering circularCertain manner of presentation of required information prohibited.
HTMLPDF 32.32.395Form and contents of filings.
HTMLPDF 32.32.400Conformance required to order prohibiting the use of any filing.
HTMLPDF 32.32.405ApplicationCertain named personsFiling of written consent required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.410Offering circularCertain named personsFiling of written consent required.
HTMLPDF 32.32.415Date of receiptDate of filing.
HTMLPDF 32.32.420Availability for conferences in advance of filing of applicationRefusal of prefiling review.
HTMLPDF 32.32.425Appeal from refusal to approve application.
HTMLPDF 32.32.430Postconversion reports.
HTMLPDF 32.32.435Definitions.
HTMLPDF 32.32.440Certain agreement to transfer and transfers of ownership in rights or securities prohibited.
HTMLPDF 32.32.445Certain offers and announcements on securities prohibited.
HTMLPDF 32.32.450Certain offers and acquisitions prohibited.
HTMLPDF 32.32.455Nonapplicability of RCW 32.32.440 and 32.32.445.
HTMLPDF 32.32.460Nonapplicability of RCW 32.32.445 and 32.32.450.
HTMLPDF 32.32.465Nonapplicability of RCW 32.32.450.
HTMLPDF 32.32.470Approval of certain applications prohibited.
HTMLPDF 32.32.475Penalty for violations.
HTMLPDF 32.32.480Name of converted savings bank.
HTMLPDF 32.32.485Amendments to charter required in applicationArticles of incorporationFiling of certificate requiredContentsIssuance and filing of authorization certificate.
HTMLPDF 32.32.490Amendments to articles of incorporation.
HTMLPDF 32.32.495DirectorsElectionMeetingsQuorumOathVacancies.
HTMLPDF 32.32.497Conversions incident to acquisition by savings bank holding company or merger or consolidation with savings bank holding company subsidiaryApplication of RCW 32.32.110 and 32.32.115.
HTMLPDF 32.32.500Merger, consolidation, conversion, etc.ApprovalConcentration limits.
HTMLPDF 32.32.505IntentReferences in the Revised Code of Washington.
HTMLPDF 32.32.515Guaranty fund.
HTMLPDF 32.32.520"Funds" defined.
HTMLPDF 32.32.525Prohibition on certain securities and purchasesException.