Chapter 32.20 RCW



HTMLPDF 32.20.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 32.20.020Power to invest fundsRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 32.20.030Bonds or obligations of United States and Canada.
HTMLPDF 32.20.035Investment trusts or companies.
HTMLPDF 32.20.040Federally insured or secured loans, securities, etc.
HTMLPDF 32.20.045Obligations of corporations created as federal agency or instrumentality.
HTMLPDF 32.20.047Stock of small business investment companies regulated by United States.
HTMLPDF 32.20.050Bonds of state of Washington and its agencies.
HTMLPDF 32.20.060Bonds of other states.
HTMLPDF 32.20.070Bonds and warrants of counties, municipalities, etc., of Washington.
HTMLPDF 32.20.080Municipal bonds in adjoining state.
HTMLPDF 32.20.090Housing and industrial development bonds and municipal obligations in any state.
HTMLPDF 32.20.100Revenue bonds of certain cities in any state.
HTMLPDF 32.20.110District bonds secured by taxing power.
HTMLPDF 32.20.120Local improvement district bonds.
HTMLPDF 32.20.130Bonds of irrigation, diking, drainage districts.
HTMLPDF 32.20.210Obligations of International Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
HTMLPDF 32.20.215Obligations issued or guaranteed by Inter-American Development Bank.
HTMLPDF 32.20.217Obligations of Asian Development Bank.
HTMLPDF 32.20.219Obligations issued or guaranteed by African Development Bank or other multilateral development bank.
HTMLPDF 32.20.220Bankers' acceptances, bills of exchange, and commercial paper.
HTMLPDF 32.20.230Notes secured by investments.
HTMLPDF 32.20.240Notes secured by pledge or assignment of account.
HTMLPDF 32.20.253Loans secured by real estate, mobile homes, movable buildings.
HTMLPDF 32.20.265Valuation of property to be mortgagedAppraiser's opinion.
HTMLPDF 32.20.280Investments in real estate.
HTMLPDF 32.20.285Investments through purchase of real estateImprovements.
HTMLPDF 32.20.300Home loan bank as depositary.
HTMLPDF 32.20.310Deposit of securities.
HTMLPDF 32.20.320Investment of funds.
HTMLPDF 32.20.330InvestmentsLoans, preferred stock, or interest-bearing obligationsRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 32.20.335InvestmentsQualified thrift investments.
HTMLPDF 32.20.340Stock or bonds of federal home loan bank.
HTMLPDF 32.20.350Stock of federal reserve bank or Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.
HTMLPDF 32.20.370Corporate bonds and other interest-bearing or discounted obligations.
HTMLPDF 32.20.380Stocks, securities, of corporations not otherwise eligible for investment.
HTMLPDF 32.20.390Obligations of corporations or associations federally authorized to insure or market real estate mortgagesLoans, etc., eligible for insurance.
HTMLPDF 32.20.400Loans for home or property repairs, alterations, appliances, improvements, additions, furnishings, underground utilities, education or nonbusiness family purposes.
HTMLPDF 32.20.410Limitation of total investment in certain obligations.
HTMLPDF 32.20.415Limitation on certain secured and unsecured loans.
HTMLPDF 32.20.430Loans to banks or trust companies.
HTMLPDF 32.20.440Purchase of United States securities from banks or trust companies.
HTMLPDF 32.20.445Stock, other securities, and obligations of federally insured institutions.
HTMLPDF 32.20.450Low-cost housingLegislative finding.
HTMLPDF 32.20.460Low-cost housingFactory built housingMobile homes.
HTMLPDF 32.20.470Improvement of private land for public parks and recreation areas.
HTMLPDF 32.20.480Loans or investments to provide adequate housing and environmental improvementsCriteriaRestrictions.
HTMLPDF 32.20.500Construction1973 1st ex.s. c 31.


Federal bonds and notes as investment or collateral: Chapter 39.60 RCW.