Chapter 28C.10 RCW



HTMLPDF 28C.10.010Intent.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.020Definitions.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.030Application of chapter.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.040Agency's dutiesRulesInvestigationsInteragency agreements about degree and nondegree programs.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.050Minimum standardsConsumer student loan productsDenial of application for licensureDetermination that school or program is at risk of closure or termination.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.060LicensesRequirementsRenewal.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.070Fees.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.082Tuition recovery trust fundEstablished.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.084Tuition recovery trust fundOperationLiabilityClaims.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.090Actions prohibited without license.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.100Suspension or modification of requirements of chapter.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.110Unfair business practices.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.120ComplaintsInvestigationsHearingsRemediesTransition assistance for students.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.130ViolationsCivil penaltiesConsumer protection act.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.140ViolationsCriminal sanctions.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.150Actions resulting in jurisdiction of courts.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.160Educational recordsPermanent fileProtection.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.170Contracts voidableWhen.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.180Enforceability of debtsAuthority to offer degree required.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.190Actions to enforce chapterWho may bringRelief.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.200Injunctive reliefAgency may seek.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.210Violation of chapter unfair or deceptive practice under RCW 19.86.020.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.220Remedies and penalties in chapter nonexclusive and cumulative.
HTMLPDF 28C.10.902Effective date1986 c 299.