Title 28B RCW

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28B.07Washington higher education facilities authority.
28B.10Colleges and universities generally.
28B.12State work-study program.
28B.14HWashington's future bond issue.
28B.15College and university fees.
28B.20University of Washington.
28B.30Washington State University.
28B.35Regional universities.
28B.40The Evergreen State College.
28B.45University campuses.
28B.50Community and technical colleges.
28B.52Collective bargainingAcademic personnel in community colleges.
28B.63Commercial activities by institutions of higher education.
28B.67Customized employment training.
28B.70Western regional higher education compact.
28B.76Office of student financial assistance.
28B.77Student achievement council.
28B.85Degree-granting institutions.
28B.90Foreign degree-granting branch campuses.
28B.92State student financial aid programs.
28B.93Washington student loan program.
28B.94Washington student loan refinancing program.
28B.95Washington advanced college tuition payment program and Washington college savings program.
28B.96Undocumented student support loan program.
28B.99Medical student loan program.
28B.102Educator conditional scholarship and repayment programs.
28B.103Washington national guard postsecondary education grant program.
28B.105GET ready for math and science scholarship program.
28B.108American Indian endowed scholarship program.
28B.109Washington international exchange scholarship program.
28B.110Gender equality in higher education.
28B.112Campus sexual violence.
28B.115Washington health corps.
28B.116Foster care endowed scholarship program.
28B.117Passport to careers program.
28B.118College bound scholarship program.
28B.120Washington career and college pathways innovation challenge program.
28B.121Food animal veterinarian conditional scholarship program.
28B.122Aerospace training student loan program.
28B.123Certified public accounting scholarship program.
28B.124State registered apprenticeship program opportunities.
28B.126Native American apprentice assistance program.
28B.130Transportation demand management programs.
28B.133Gaining independence for students with dependents program.
28B.135Child care for higher education students.
28B.137Religious reasonable accommodation.
28B.140Financing research facilities at research universities.
28B.142Local borrowing authorityResearch universities.
28B.145Opportunity scholarship act.
28B.155Joint center for aerospace technology innovation.
28B.156Joint center for deployment and research in earth-abundant materials.
28B.160Applicant criminal history.
28B.170Menstrual hygiene products.


Actions against public corporations: RCW 4.08.120.
Actions by public corporation in corporate name: RCW 4.08.110.
Attorney general, supervision of prosecuting attorney: RCW 36.27.020(3).
Blind, school for: Chapter 72.40 RCW.
Bomb threats, penalty: RCW 9.61.160.
Boxing, kickboxing, martial arts, and wrestling events
exemptions for: RCW 67.08.015.
physical examination of contestants, urinalysis: RCW 67.08.090.
Buildings, earthquake standards for construction: RCW 70.86.020, 70.86.030.
Businesses and professions generally, examinations for licenses for: Title 18 RCW.
Condemnation: Chapter 8.16 RCW.
Conveyance of real property by public bodiesRecording: RCW 65.08.095.
Crimes relating to
bomb threats: RCW 9.61.160.
discrimination to deny public accommodations because of race, color or creed: RCW 9.91.010.
DiscriminationSeparation of sexes in dormitories, residence halls, etc.: RCW 49.60.222.
Discrimination to deny public accommodations because of race, color or creed, penalty: RCW 9.91.010.
Drivers' training schools generally: Chapter 46.82 RCW.
Earthquake standards for construction: RCW 70.86.020, 70.86.030.
Education: State Constitution Art. 9.
Educational facilities and programs for state schools for the deaf and blind: RCW 72.40.028.
Elementary or secondary school activities, admission tax exclusion: RCW 36.38.010.
Employees, qualifications to hold public office: RCW 42.04.020.
Enrollment forecasts: RCW 43.62.050.
Establishment and maintenance of schools guaranteed: State Constitution Art. 26 s 4.
Fiscal year defined: RCW 1.16.030.
Free from sectarian control: State Constitution Art. 9 s 4, Art. 26 s 4.
Garnishment: Chapter 6.27 RCW.
Hospitalization and medical aid for public employees and dependentsPremiums, governmental contributions authorized: RCW 41.04.180, 41.04.190.
Information and research services of colleges and universities, authority for school districts to obtain: RCW 28A.320.110.
Intoxicating liquor, retail licenses, proximity limitations: RCW 66.24.010(9).
adverse possession against: RCW 7.28.090.
defined: RCW 79.02.010.
eminent domain
by cities against: RCW 8.12.030.
by corporations, service of notice: RCW 8.20.020.
by railroads and canal companies against: RCW 81.36.010.
by state, service of notice: RCW 8.04.020.
parks and recreation commission, relinquishment of control over school lands: RCW 79A.05.175.
sale of educational lands, board of natural resources to fix value: RCW 79.11.080.
sale of generally: State Constitution Art. 16 ss 2-4.
sale or lease of land and valuable materials, supervision and control of department of natural resources over: RCW 79.11.020.
state lands, included in: RCW 79.02.010.
state parks and recreation, relinquishment of control over state lands: RCW 79A.05.175.
Legal adviser, prosecuting attorney as: RCW 36.27.020(2), (3).
Medical schools, requisites for accreditation and approval: RCW 18.71.055.
Meetings, minutes of governmental bodies, open to public: RCW 42.30.035.
Motor vehicles, speed regulations when passing public school: RCW 46.61.440.
Open to all children of state: State Constitution Art. 9 s 1, Art. 26 s 4.
Periodicals, purchase of, manner of payment: RCW 42.24.035.
Printing contracts for outside state work, labor requirements: RCW 43.19.754.
Printing must be done within state, exception: RCW 43.19.748, 43.19.751.
Public bodies may retain collection agencies to collect public debtsFees: RCW 19.16.500.
Public lands: Title 79 RCW.
Public school system, what included in: State Constitution Art. 9 s 2.
Pupils, residence or absence does not affect right to vote: State Constitution Art. 6 s 4.
Purchases, periodicals, postage, manner of payment: RCW 42.24.035.
Religion, control of schools by, free from: State Constitution Art. 9 s 4, Art. 26 s 4.
Savings and loan associations, school savings accounts, priority in liquidation distribution: RCW 33.40.050.
Sectarian control, free from: State Constitution Art. 9 s 4.
State school
for blind: Chapter 72.40 RCW.
for deaf: Chapter 72.40 RCW.
State toxicological laboratories: RCW 68.50.107.
Student enrollment forecasts, biennial report of office of financial management: RCW 43.62.050.
System of schools to be established by state: State Constitution Art. 9 s 2.
Technical schools, included in public school system: State Constitution Art. 9 s 2.
interest rate: RCW 39.56.020.
rate fixed by issuing officer: RCW 39.56.030.
Year, fiscal year defined: RCW 1.16.030.