Chapter 2.50 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.50.010Legal aid defined.
HTMLPDF 2.50.020Public interest.
HTMLPDF 2.50.040Declaration of necessity by board of county commissioners.
HTMLPDF 2.50.050Legal aid bureau defined.
HTMLPDF 2.50.060Board of governorsAuthority.
HTMLPDF 2.50.070Legal aid county committee created.
HTMLPDF 2.50.080Supervision.
HTMLPDF 2.50.090Registration fees and private funds.
HTMLPDF 2.50.100Limitation of legal aid.
HTMLPDF 2.50.110Attorneys' fees.
HTMLPDF 2.50.120County funds.
HTMLPDF 2.50.125Cities authorized to appropriate funds.
HTMLPDF 2.50.130Revocation of declaration of necessity.
HTMLPDF 2.50.140Washington State Bar Association not restricted.
HTMLPDF 2.50.150Certain other acts not applicable.
HTMLPDF 2.50.160Chapter not exclusiveCounties authorized to provide legal aid.