Chapter 2.12 RCW



HTMLPDF 2.12.010Retirement for service or age.
HTMLPDF 2.12.012Partial pension for less than eighteen years serviceWhen authorized, amount.
HTMLPDF 2.12.015Additional pension for more than eighteen years serviceAmount.
HTMLPDF 2.12.020Retirement for disability.
HTMLPDF 2.12.030Amount and time of paymentSurviving spouse's benefit.
HTMLPDF 2.12.035Retirement pay of certain justices or judges retiring prior to December 1, 1968Widow's benefits.
HTMLPDF 2.12.037Adjustment of pension of retired judges or widows or widowers.
HTMLPDF 2.12.040Service after retirement.
HTMLPDF 2.12.045Minimum monthly benefitPost-retirement adjustmentComputation.
HTMLPDF 2.12.046Monthly benefitPost-retirement adjustmentComputation.
HTMLPDF 2.12.048Refund of certain contributions.
HTMLPDF 2.12.050Judges' retirement fundCreatedContentsCustodianRecords.
HTMLPDF 2.12.060FundConstitutionSalary deductionsAid.
HTMLPDF 2.12.090Benefits exempt from taxation and judicial processExceptionsDeductions for group insurance premiums.
HTMLPDF 2.12.100Transfer of membership from Washington public employees' retirement system to judges' retirement systemAuthorizedProcedure.
HTMLPDF 2.12.900ConstructionGender.
HTMLPDF 2.12.901ConstructionChapter applicable to state registered domestic partnerships2009 c 521.


Judicial retirement system1971 act: Chapter 2.10 RCW.
Retirement of judges: State Constitution Art. 4 § 3(a) (Amendment 25).