Chapter 18.06 RCW


(Formerly: East Asian Medicine Practitioners)


HTMLPDF 18.06.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 18.06.020Practice without license unlawful.
HTMLPDF 18.06.045Exemptions from chapter.
HTMLPDF 18.06.050Applications for licensureQualifications.
HTMLPDF 18.06.060Approval of educational programs.
HTMLPDF 18.06.080Authority of secretaryExaminationContentsImmunity.
HTMLPDF 18.06.090Fluency in English required.
HTMLPDF 18.06.100Investigation of applicant's background.
HTMLPDF 18.06.110Application of Uniform Disciplinary Act.
HTMLPDF 18.06.120Compliance with administrative proceduresFees.
HTMLPDF 18.06.130Patient information formPenalty.
HTMLPDF 18.06.140Consultation with other health care practitionersPatient waiverEmergenciesPenalty.
HTMLPDF 18.06.160Adoption of rules.
HTMLPDF 18.06.190Licensing by endorsement.
HTMLPDF 18.06.200Health care insurance benefits not mandatory.
HTMLPDF 18.06.210Prescription of drugs and practice of medicine not authorized.
HTMLPDF 18.06.220Acupuncture and Eastern medicine advisory committee.
HTMLPDF 18.06.230Point injection therapy servicesEducation and training.
HTMLPDF 18.06.240Continuing education.