Chapter 16.65 RCW



HTMLPDF 16.65.005Purpose.
HTMLPDF 16.65.010Definitions.
HTMLPDF 16.65.015Application of chapterExceptions.
HTMLPDF 16.65.020Supervision of markets and special open consignment horse salesRulesInterference with director's duties.
HTMLPDF 16.65.030Public livestock market licenseApplicationContentsFeePublic hearing.
HTMLPDF 16.65.037LicenseRestrictionsFees.
HTMLPDF 16.65.040Public livestock market licenseExpirationRenewalPenalty.
HTMLPDF 16.65.042Special open consignment horse sale license requiredApplicationFeeWhere and when valid.
HTMLPDF 16.65.044Public livestock marketOpen consignment horse saleConsignor's name.
HTMLPDF 16.65.050Disposition of fees.
HTMLPDF 16.65.060License to be posted.
HTMLPDF 16.65.080Denial, suspension, revocation of licenseReasonsHearing.
HTMLPDF 16.65.090Livestock inspectionConsignor's feeInspection feeCall out fee.
HTMLPDF 16.65.100Livestock inspectionPurchaser's fee.
HTMLPDF 16.65.120Disposition of proceeds of saleLimitations on licensee.
HTMLPDF 16.65.130Unlawful use of consignor's net proceeds.
HTMLPDF 16.65.140Custodial account for consignor's proceedsAuthorized withdrawalsAccounts and records.
HTMLPDF 16.65.150Penalty for failure to disclose unsatisfied lien, mortgage.
HTMLPDF 16.65.160Delivery of proceeds and invoice to consignor or shipper.
HTMLPDF 16.65.170Records of licenseeContents.
HTMLPDF 16.65.180Unjust, unreasonable, discriminatory rates or charges prohibited.
HTMLPDF 16.65.190Schedule of rates and charges.
HTMLPDF 16.65.200Licensee's bond to operate market or special open consignment horse sale.
HTMLPDF 16.65.210Licensee's bond to operate marketAmount determined by prior business operationsMinimum amount.
HTMLPDF 16.65.220Licensee's bond to operate marketAmount when no prior business operationsMinimum and maximum amount.
HTMLPDF 16.65.230Licensee's bond to operate marketOne bond for each market.
HTMLPDF 16.65.232Licensee's bond to operate special open consignment horse saleAmount determined by estimate of businessMinimum amount.
HTMLPDF 16.65.235Cash or other security in lieu of surety bondRules.
HTMLPDF 16.65.240Action on bondFraud of licensee.
HTMLPDF 16.65.250Action on bondFailure to comply with chapter.
HTMLPDF 16.65.260Licensee's failure to pay vendor, consignorComplaintDirector's powers and duties.
HTMLPDF 16.65.270Licensee's failure to pay vendor, consignorFailure of vendor, consignor to file claim.
HTMLPDF 16.65.280Licensee's failure to pay vendor, consignorDuties of director when names of creditors not available.
HTMLPDF 16.65.290Licensee's failure to pay vendor, consignorSettlement, compromise of claimsDemand on bondDischarge.
HTMLPDF 16.65.300Licensee's failure to pay vendor, consignorRefusal by surety company to pay demandAction on bondNew bond, suspension or revocation of license on failure to file.
HTMLPDF 16.65.310Licensee's failure to pay vendor, consignorSettlement, compromiseCreditors sharePriority of state's claim.
HTMLPDF 16.65.320Investigations by directorComplaints.
HTMLPDF 16.65.330InvestigationsPowers of director.
HTMLPDF 16.65.340Testing, examination, etc., of livestock for diseaseVeterinarian employed by the market.
HTMLPDF 16.65.350ExaminationsSanitary and health practices and standardsRules.
HTMLPDF 16.65.360FacilitiesSanitationRequirements.
HTMLPDF 16.65.370Watering, feeding facilitiesUnlawful acts.
HTMLPDF 16.65.380Adequate facilities and space required for veterinarians to function.
HTMLPDF 16.65.390Adequate space and facilities required for livestock inspectors and veterinarians to function.
HTMLPDF 16.65.400Weighing of livestock at public livestock market.
HTMLPDF 16.65.410Packer's interest in market limited.
HTMLPDF 16.65.420Application for change of or additional sales days, special salesConsiderations for allocation.
HTMLPDF 16.65.424Additional sales days limited to sales of horses and/or mules.
HTMLPDF 16.65.430Information and records available to director and news services.
HTMLPDF 16.65.440Penalty.
HTMLPDF 16.65.445Public hearings.
HTMLPDF 16.65.450OrdersAppeal.


Exemptions from commission merchants' act: RCW 20.01.030.