Chapter 16.57 RCW



16.57.015Livestock identification advisory committeeRule reviewFee setting.
16.57.020Livestock brandsDirector is the recorderRecording fee.
16.57.023Permanent renewal of brandsHeritage brandsFees.
16.57.025Livestock inspectionLicensed and accredited veterinariansField livestock inspectorsFeesRevocation of certification.
16.57.030Tattoo brands and marks not recordable.
16.57.040Production record brands.
16.57.050Use of unrecorded brand prohibitedException.
16.57.060Brands similar to governmental brands not to be recorded.
16.57.070Conflicting claims to brand.
16.57.080Renewal of recorded brandsScheduleFeeFailure to pay.
16.57.090Brand is personal propertyInstruments affecting title, recording, effectFeeNonliability of director for agents.
16.57.100Right to use brandBrand as evidence of title.
16.57.105Preemptory right to use brand.
16.57.110Size and characteristics of brand.
16.57.120Removal or alteration of brandPenalty.
16.57.130Similar brands not to be recorded.
16.57.140Certified copy of record of brandFee.
16.57.150Brand bookContentsCosts.
16.57.153Administration of brandsRules.
16.57.160Cattle or horsesRulesMandatory inspection pointsSelf-inspection certificatesDairy cattle identification tagsFees.
16.57.165Agreements with others to perform livestock inspection.
16.57.170Inspection of livestock, hides, records.
16.57.180Search warrants.
16.57.200Duty of owner or agentLivestock inspection.
16.57.210Arrest without warrant.
16.57.220Livestock inspectionFee scheduleCertificates.
16.57.223Payment of inspection feeDue at inspectionLienLate fee.
16.57.230Charges for livestock inspectionActual inspection required.
16.57.240Certificates of permit, inspection, self-inspection.
16.57.243Moving or transporting cattleCertificate or proof of ownership must accompanyExceptions.
16.57.245Authority to stop vehicles carrying cattle or horses.
16.57.260Removal of cattle or horses from stateInspection certificate required.
16.57.267Failure to present animal for inspection.
16.57.270Unlawful to refuse assistance in establishing identity and ownership of livestock.
16.57.275Transporting cattle carcass or primal partCertificate of permit required.
16.57.277Custom slaughter beef tagsFeeRules.
16.57.280Possession of cattle or horse marked with another's brandPenalty.
16.57.290Impounding cattle and horsesNo certificate or proof of ownership when offered for saleDisposition.
16.57.300Proceeds from sale of impounded cattle and horsesPaid to director.
16.57.310Notice of saleClaim on proceeds.
16.57.320Disposition of proceeds of sale when no proof of ownershipPenalty for accepting proceeds after sale, barter, trade.
16.57.330Disposition of proceeds of saleNo claim madeNo proof of ownership provided.
16.57.340Reciprocal agreementsWhen livestock from another state an estray, sale.
16.57.350RulesEnforcement of chapter.
16.57.353RulesCompliance with federal requirements.
16.57.360Civil infractionsTime and mileage fee.
16.57.370Disposition of fees.
16.57.400Horse and cattle identificationInspection when consigned for sale.
16.57.405Microchip in a horseRemoval with intent to defraudGross misdemeanor.
16.57.407Microchip in a horseAuthority to investigate removal.
16.57.410HorsesRegistering agenciesPermit requiredFeeRecordsIdentification symbol inspectionsRules.
16.57.420Ratite identification.
16.57.430Replacement copies of brand inspection documentsRulesFees.
16.57.440Unlawful transport or delivery of cattle or horses.
16.57.450Electronic cattle transaction reporting systemLicenseFeeReport to the legislatureAdoption of rules.
16.57.460Livestock inspection program report.
16.57.902Effective dates2003 c 326.