Title 16 RCW

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16.04Trespass of animalsGeneral.
16.10DogsLicensingDog control zones.
16.24Stock restricted areas.
16.30Dangerous wild animals.
16.36Animal health.
16.38Livestock diseasesDiagnostic service program.
16.49Custom slaughtering.
16.50Humane slaughter of livestock.
16.52Prevention of cruelty to animals.
16.54Abandoned animals.
16.57Identification of livestock.
16.58Identification of cattle through licensing of certified feed lots.
16.65Public livestock markets.
16.67Washington state beef commission.
16.68Disposal of dead animals.
16.70Control of pet animals infected with diseases communicable to humans.
16.72Fur farming.
16.76Wolf-livestock management.


Agister and trainer liens: Chapter 60.56 RCW.
Carrier or racing pigeonsInjury to: RCW 9.61.190 and 9.61.200.
Control of predatory birds injurious to agriculture: RCW 15.04.110, 15.04.120.
"Coyote getters" may be used to control coyotes: RCW 9.41.185.
Director of agriculture: Chapter 43.23 RCW.
Dog guide or service animal, interfering with: RCW 9.91.170.
Dog license tax, counties: Chapter 36.49 RCW.
Grazing ranges: Chapter 79.13 RCW, RCW 79.10.125.
Harming a police dog or police horse: RCW 9A.76.200.
Killing of person by vicious animal: RCW 9A.32.070.
Larcenous appropriation of livestock: Chapter 9A.56 RCW.
Milk and milk products for animal food: Chapter 15.37 RCW.
Nuisances, agricultural activities: RCW 7.48.300 through 7.48.310.
Racehorses: Chapter 67.16 RCW.
Stealing horses or cattle as larceny: Chapter 9A.56 RCW.