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Adoption support program administrationRules and regulationsDisbursements from general fund, criteriaLimits.

(1) The secretary shall issue rules and regulations to assist in the administration of the program of adoption support authorized by RCW 26.33.320 and 74.13A.005 through 74.13A.080.
(2) Disbursements from the appropriations available from the general fund shall be made pursuant to such rules and regulations and pursuant to agreements conforming thereto to be made by the secretary with parents for the purpose of supporting the adoption of children in, or likely to be placed in, foster homes or child caring institutions who are found by the secretary to be difficult to place in adoption because of physical or other reasons; including, but not limited to, disabilities, emotional disturbance, ethnic background, language, race, color, age, or sibling grouping.
(3) Such agreements shall meet the following criteria:
(a) The child whose adoption is to be supported pursuant to such agreement shall be or have been a child hard to place in adoption.
(b) Such agreement must relate to a child who was or is residing in a foster home or child-caring institution or a child who, in the judgment of the secretary, is both eligible for, and likely to be placed in, either a foster home or a child-caring institution.
(c) Such agreement shall provide that adoption support shall not continue beyond the time that the adopted child reaches eighteen years of age, becomes emancipated, dies, or otherwise ceases to need support. If the secretary finds that continuing dependency of such child after such child reaches eighteen years of age warrants the continuation of support pursuant to RCW 26.33.320 and 74.13A.005 through 74.13A.080 the secretary may do so, subject to all the provisions of RCW 26.33.320 and 74.13A.005 through 74.13A.080, including annual review of the amount of such support.
(d) Any prospective parent who is to be a party to such agreement shall be a person who has the character, judgment, sense of responsibility, and disposition which make him or her suitable as an adoptive parent of such child.
(4) At least six months before an adoption is finalized under chapter 26.33 RCW and RCW 74.13A.005 through 74.13A.080, the department must provide to the prospective adoptive parent, in writing, information describing the limits of the adoption support program including the following information:
(a) The limits on monthly cash payments to adoptive families;
(b) The limits on the availability of children's mental health services and the funds with which to pay for these services;
(c) The process for accessing mental health services for children receiving adoption support services;
(d) The limits on the one-time cash payments to adoptive families for expenses related to their adopted children; and
(e) That payment for residential or group care is not available for adopted children under the adoption support program.


FindingsPurposeSeverability1990 c 285: See notes following RCW 74.04.005.
Severability1979 ex.s. c 67: See note following RCW 19.28.351.
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