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Fees of registrar.

The fees to be paid to the registrar of titles shall be as follows:
(1) At or before the time of filing of the certified copy of the application with the registrar, the applicant shall pay, to the registrar, on all land having an assessed value, exclusive of improvements, of one thousand dollars or less, thirty-one and one-quarter cents on each one thousand dollars, or major fraction thereof, of the assessed value of said land, additional.
(2) For granting certificates of title, upon each applicant, and registering the same, two dollars.
(3) For registering each transfer, including the filing of all instruments connected therewith, and the issuance and registration of the instruments connected therewith, and the issuance and registration of the new certificate of title, ten dollars.
(4) When the land transferred is held upon any trust, condition, or limitation, an additional fee of three dollars.
(5) For entry of each memorial on the register, including the filing of all instruments and papers connected therewith, and endorsements upon duplicate certificates, three dollars.
(6) For issuing each additional owner's duplicate certificate, mortgagee's duplicate certificate, or lessee's duplicate certificate, three dollars.
(7) For filing copy of will, with letters testamentary, or filing copy of letters of administration, and entering memorial thereof, two dollars and fifty cents.
(8) For the cancellation of each memorial, or charge, one dollar.
(9) For each certificate showing the condition of the register, one dollar.
(10) For any certified copy of any instrument or writing on file in his or her office, the same fees now allowed by law to county clerks and county auditors for like service.
(11) For any other service required, or necessary to carry out this chapter, and not hereinbefore itemized, such fee or fees as the court shall determine and establish.
(12) For registration of each mortgage and issuance of duplicate of title a fee of five dollars; for each deed of trust and issuance of duplicate of title a fee of eight dollars.


SeverabilityEffective dates and termination datesConstruction1973 1st ex.s. c 195: See notes following RCW 84.52.043.
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