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Self-insurers' insolvency trustAssessmentsRules.

(1) A self-insurers' insolvency trust is established to provide for the unsecured benefits paid to the injured workers of self-insured employers under this title for insolvent or defaulting self-insured employers and for the department's associated administrative costs, including attorneys' fees. The self-insurers' insolvency trust shall be funded by an insolvency assessment which shall be levied on a post-insolvency basis and after the defaulting self-insured employer's security deposit, assets, and reinsurance, if any, have been exhausted. Insolvency assessments shall be imposed on all self-insured employers, except school districts, cities, and counties. The manner of imposing and collecting assessments to the insolvency fund shall be set forth in rules adopted by the department to ensure that self-insured employers pay into the fund in proportion to their claim costs. The department's rules shall provide that self-insured employers who have surrendered their certification shall be assessed for a period of not more than three calendar years following the termination date of their certification.
(2) The director shall adopt rules to carry out the purposes of this section, including but not limited to:
(a) Governing the formation of the self-insurers' insolvency trust for the purpose of this chapter;
(b) Governing the organization and operation of the self-insurers' insolvency trust to assure compliance with the requirements of this chapter;
(c) Requiring adequate accountability of the collection and disbursement of funds in the self-insurers' insolvency trust; and
(d) Any other provisions necessary to carry out the requirements of this chapter.


Intent1986 c 57: "It is the intent of the legislature to provide for the continuation of workers' compensation benefits in the event of the failure of a self-insured employer to meet its compensation obligations when the employer's security deposit, assets, and reinsurance are inadequate. The legislature finds and declares that the establishment of a self-insurers' insolvency trust is necessary to assure that benefit payments to injured workers of self-insured employers will not become the responsibility of the state fund." [ 1986 c 57 s 5.]
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