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Required documents in the form of a recordInspectionCopying. (Effective until January 1, 2022.)

Each corporation shall keep at its registered office, its principal office in this state, or at its secretary's office if in this state, the following documents in the form of a record:
(1) Current articles and bylaws;
(2) A list of members, including names, addresses, and classes of membership, if any;
(3) Correct and adequate statements of accounts and finances;
(4) A list of officers' and directors' names and addresses;
(5) Minutes of the proceedings of the members, if any, the board, and any minutes which may be maintained by committees of the board.
The corporate records shall be open at any reasonable time to inspection by any member of more than three months standing or a representative of more than five percent of the membership.
Cost of inspecting or copying shall be borne by such member except for costs for copies of articles or bylaws. Any such member must have a purpose for inspection reasonably related to membership interests. Use or sale of members' lists by such member if obtained by inspection is prohibited.
The superior court of the corporation's or such member's residence may order inspection and may appoint independent inspectors. Such member shall pay inspection costs unless the court orders otherwise.
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